Monday, May 30, 2011

Something mine, for me, myself-selfish-self

Wow, that makes me sound like Veruca Salt or something, doesn't it?

Whatever, sometimes you just have to ignore the pleas of your naked children and make something superfluous for yourself, right? You deserve it!

Nah, actually, I just thought this looked really fun to make and I was really sick of my old one. 

Here is the free pattern. It is pretty cool to take a pattern on some fabric and turn it into a completely different one just by using patchwork. And it was nice to use this yellow striped fabric I've had lying around forever.  Yeesh, I have a lot of fabric I need to use up... yet I still can't seem to stop buying it. It's a disease or something.

Speaking of my disease, it's only going to get worse, as I'm beginning a part-time job at Sewn Studio this week. Hopefully I'll get to take home some of my paycheck. I'm really super excited to be working there though. It's pretty much the perfect place to spend time in and actually get paid for it.


Speaking of naked kids and trying not to be selfish, one more item to share this morning. I'm sure you've all seen plenty of pictures of Joplin and the devastation left from last week's tornado. A friend of mine from college who lives there now had a very cool idea for helping families in need.

Here's what you do. Like this facebook page, then follow their link to buy diapers on Amazon and send them to their church there, where they will be distributed to babies. Pretty good right? Go ahead and share it with all your fb friends too. How cool would it be if they got diapers from all 50 states, and our Canadian friends too.

If you want to bypass facebook, just buy some diapers here, and get them shipped to:

Carterville Christian Church 
20123 Gravel Rd 
Joplin MO 64801.

Such an easy simple thing that will make someone's hard life a lot easier right now.


  1. Too bad your kids don't have any clothes. Also, how fun is that job going to be... and if nothing else it will offset your sewing addiction, right?

    Definitely sending some diapers this week.

  2. I love the reference to Veruca Salt ;) Nice clutch too! The stripes turned out perfect!


  3. love the chevron clutch! and Veruca is my fave(followed closely by Augustus). what a great way to help the people in Joplin too. thanks for the heads up!


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