Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Pink-Haired Doll

She's so punk rock.

I made this doll from the Mae Pattern by Bit of Whimsy.  This weekend our best friends' kids had a big joint party for their recent 2nd and 4th birthdays. I watch them in our house twice a week, the kids play together even more often than that, we were there for both their births... They are just the kind of kids you love almost as much as your own. So Mae was made with love for little Miss Lily, who is also the sweetest kind of punk :)

I really need to learn at least some basic hand-embroidery. Sometimes I can pull off a little on my machine, but I knew the machine stitches wouldn't get the eyes as big as I wanted, so I just used fabric paint. Still cute, but kinda lame of me.

And she comes with wardrobe changes! Simple elastic skirts are just the right kind of dressing up little 2yo hands can handle. Looking at these pictures now, I think I also need to make some felt mary janes for those bare feet. Maybe a few cute collars to change out too. The accessorizing options are limitless on a girl like Mae.

I also ended up making a little drawstring bag to carry everything, but it was so last minute that I didn't get a picture.

Later this week I'll show you what the boy gift was. Hint: it's piratey. I don't know whose was more fun to make.

(p.s. This post has taken me what feels like 6.5 hours to write. I know there is really nothing of much substance written here, but my brain is not forming words. I'm picturing it now as a giant jello mold with a mouth that is screaming, "go to bed you moron!" Ok jello mold, chill out.)


  1. Super cute!! It was awesome meeting you at Sewn last week!!

  2. such a cute doll and adorable clothes! great job!

  3. Lily loves it! Thanks so much for being such a great friend:)

  4. This came out so cute! What a lucky little girl. I just made a Kimberbell Kids Doll for my niece and she loved it. I think I like sewing for kids best because the really appriciate it. Here is mine. http://twincess.blogspot.com/2011/06/kimberbell-kids-doll-round-2.html


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