Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Pirate's Life

 Yesterday I showed you Lily's girly-girl birthday gift. This is what I made her brother Ryan. He's a big fan of that pirate cartoon that's on tv now, and his pirate enthusiasm was magnified after a recent vacation to FL where he got to have a pirate boat experience. One day we were pretending to be pirates and he decided his pirate name was Captain Bean.

This is basically Dana's Pirate Life costume. I just added the extra skull and bones on the back of the vest. Don't look too closely at my bias tape work. I made my own for the first time, but the bias tape maker I have makes it much narrower than I usually like. Plus I sewed it on the lazy way, really quickly and didn't change the black bobbin thread. I just told myself that a pirate's vest would be raggedy looking anyway :)

 I wish I had unrolled the treasure map  and taken a picture for you. That was Nick's contribution to the gift and he made a great one. It had different things and places in Ryan's house drawn on it and there was a big X on the bathtub. When we first got to the party I hid a bag of candy in their tub. Then later when he had time for a treasure hunt he got to share it with all of his friends. He kept saying "the bathtub is my treasure!"

I also made a quick drawstring backpack to store all his treasures in. The applique on here is just cut off of an old t-shirt.

Yo-Ho-Ho. Shoulda made a felt bottle of rum.

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  1. Awesome! I am all about pirate stuff these days since my family is having a pirate themed family reunion!


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