Thursday, February 16, 2012

LLTSA: Play Town Plans and Prizes

Confession: I was just not pumped about this month's sew-along project. I mean, I love it, it's adorable. I just wasn't feeling it. Didn't want to make it.

Two things are changing my mind and lighting a fire a under my sewing pants. (Do I have sewing pants? I should.)

Firstly, I got a plan for the how and the why. I finally realized this week that this needs to be part of Elsie's birthday present. Yes, I said birthday. Sorry I made you spit your coffee all over the computer, but it's true- Elsie's turning one in a couple months. So I'm pulling out the girliest of my scraps for a cutesy little town. And I'm going to make a play mat to go with it, kind of like this one I made a long time ago. Except, instead of being a volcanic habitat kind of thing, it will be a beautiful day in the neighborhood kind of thing.

Now I have a purpose. I can move forward!

Secondly, I'm REALLY excited about the prize we've procured this month. I know I always say that, and it's always true because I would never wanna give you guys a prize I wouldn't be over the moon to get. But this month... I get a little a flutter in the sewing part of my heart.

Shelly of Figgy's Patterns is giving away the pattern of your choice!! Because some of you won't click over immediately, I'll just show you the indie chic her brand new patterns are serving up-

I die:

This makes me think something that no mother of a precious-want-her-to-stay-like-this-forever 9 mo baby girl should ever think. That I cannot wait until she is 18 months so she can rock this toddler fashionista business. Those are the thoughts of a slightly crazy person.

Plus, the winner will get a pack of these super cute woven labels you can put in all your handmade goods. Love that.

So, I do apologize for my lackluster leadership this month, but I'm snapping out if it and I hope this makes up for it. Are you guys making a couple playhouses? Are you recreating favorite places in your neighborhood or maybe imagining a whole new kind of candy town or gnome village? Or are you giving something else from the book a try?


  1. I have the Ayashe but I'd LOVE to try the Sunki! Hm...might be totally worth it to make some houses for my little gal's birthday coming up, too! Or maybe the puppet theater...better late than never, right? We'll see...

  2. i still want to make that damn puppet theater!

  3. I haven't decided if I'm doing something or not...I considered a smaller size of the mittens or the scarf but winter seems to have skipped where I live and they wouldn't get used. Sooooo...????

  4. The idea of making the little town seems super cute, but we live in a pretty small place at present and are already drowning in toys, so I think I will skip the play town. Quilts seem to take me forever, so I think I might try to get a head start on that project. Maybe if I start it now I will have it done by the end of June! :-)

  5. Girl, at this point if you don't have any sewing pants it's high time you make yourself some :)

  6. Ooo, I love thos patterns too! Must go check them out NOW!

  7. These are so cute! I really do want to do them, but don't think this will be the month! I totally missed January but started one of the cute no-tie scarfs in early February. Now my sewing machine in back in the shop yet again, so maybe I'll get to finished it at least!

  8. Love those patterns. I want to sew for my kids more and those look amazing! I would love to make the little town for my girls. I'm thinking a little zoo entrance would be fun. Or a little pony stable since my two year old is really loving her horses right now.

  9. I know it can be hard to keep up the momentum on long term events. This post was perfect - part confession and part ideas. Go with your gut.

    Also, can you make mew sewing pants? They should be made with wool because I always cold. Ok... I'll settle for a dress instead. Darn, I want to WANT to make clothes someday.


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