Saturday, February 11, 2012

This Week

We are operational again folks. 

So much has happened this week! The block above is actually part of a finished quilt now, inspired by the Sparkle Quilt-Along. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures and show you soon. I was so happy to find the perfect block to finally show off some of my hoarded Echino. 

I had lots of good mail built up after getting back from vacation. That definitely helped soothe the post-vacay blues. These adorable vintage dresses came from Stacy. She swapped for a box full of children's clothing patterns for the 50's and 60's. I know she will put them to good use, and Elsie will look pretty dang cute in these- thanks Stacy!

The top package is my winnings from Tara's jacket sew-along, and the bottom is some swapped fabric from Nicke. Both such very generous packages!

HST block

I couldn't resist putting Nicke's Kona Coal to use right away on some star blocks. Have you noticed that everyone seems to have gone star crazy lately? There are so many great star tutorials out there to try. I'm hoping that this eventually becomes a quilt with a plethora of stars on a dark nighttime-y background. On the left is Sheila's Quattro Stagioni star and on the right is Jeni's HST sawtooth star.

Since I'm kind of just dumping everything worth blogging about into this post, I'll tell you two more good bits of news-

First, that I'm the new vice president of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild! Granted, the election was uncontested :) But I'm so excited to serve this year with president Andie, as well as the rest of the board- Sarah S, Sarah H, and Danielle. I've been a member since the fall, and the guild has meant so much to me creatively. It's kind of like my inspirational internet peeps come to life. I love it!

Second, on Friday I taught my first class at Sewn Studio! I was pretty happy with how everything went, and my students seemed to be as well. It was the first of a two-part sewing with knits class making this raglan tee pattern. I always have this totally unreasonable anxiety when it comes to those types of situations that I will suddenly forget everything I know about whatever topic I'm talking about... or that I don't really know what I'm talking about to begin with. Of course, neither of those things happened. And people said they actually learned a lot. That's pretty exciting to hear as a newbie teacher.

Just wanna say thanks for reading. Sometimes I'm such a flakey blogger that it annoys me. Other times, I'm flakey and I don't care one bit because I'm cuddling babies or having living room dance parties or making so many things that I can't find time to write about them. Either way, some of you come around quite often and your comments make me real happy. So thanks!


  1. Finished quilt? As in quilted too?? Can't WAIT to see it!

  2. Those dresses are so cute!! Love the quilt blocks Too!

  3. Great post Jessica!!! Love seeing all your goodies received, swapped, and made. Congratulations on your newly elected seat on the Cincinnati MQG board! Sounds like you had a blast with your class as well. You talk about being a flaky blogger...well, not only am I a flaky blogger, but lately I've been a flaky blog reader. Can't believe I missed the fact that you were in my neighborhood until after you had left! ;-) Glad you had a fun and safe trip!

  4. Way to go VP!! Love that you are teaching a class, so wish I could attend.

  5. love your take on the sparkle quilt block! also love the last paragraph of this post! ;-)

  6. I'm so bummed I couldn't make it to your class. I'm sure it was great. I was tempted by the pretty knits in the shop last week and your sample dress. Love the quilt blocks also. So multi-talented you are!

  7. Glad you're back and congrats on the quilt! Omigosh those dresses Stacy sent you are divine. My daughter would never take the elephant one off.

  8. Lots of good mail! That always makes me happy. I love the sneak you posted of your Echino Sparkles! I can't wait to see the rest. And you're awesome! I'm excited for your teaching venture!

  9. oh jess, you are awesome and so funny! i love your blog! so glad you enjoyed your little package. :)

  10. Yes, we ARE all going star crazy. It's in the water... or fabric? Glad you're back =)


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