Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Thoughtful Thoughts on Boy Sewing

Morning! Just popping in again to let you know that I have a guest post on the Project Run & Play site today that's all about the whys and hows of sewing for boys. It's something I love a lot, and I truly want every sewing mama of boys to feel the same way. You can read my rant right here.  (Rant with inspiring pictures, of course!)

Finale Looks

And in case you missed it, don't forget to check out my color blocked pants tutorial on Elsie Marley from yesterday. KCWC is coming quickly!

Color Blocked Kid Pants


  1. I think you summed it up pretty well why most people sew for girls and not boys. It IS hard to come up with unique details. I love what you've sewn for your little man and hope that you continue sewing for him as he grows older.:)

  2. i found your blog yesterday thanks to all the kcwc madness going on around pinterest! and man you are so inspiring! i have two boys, ages 2 and almost 4 months, and am trying to pick up sewing. sometimes it feels so daunting trying to make stuff for boys b/c it seems like it usually costs so much more than something at target or old navy, but the result isn't even as good. i love what you wrote in this guest post for project run & play—Such great advice! also, i just love that you're from cinci! my husband grew up in colerain and i grew up in wilmington, so not a far jaunt from cincinnati. our families still live there, so it holds a special place in our heart. so stop being so brilliant b/c i want to track you down and intern with you or something!! : ) keep up the great work!

  3. I just bought a sewing machine but I have not got it out of the box yet!
    Hopefully I can make some stuff as nice as yours!

  4. Love yourPants! Saw them on Elsie marley! You rock! And anks for the shout out:)

  5. Love yourPants! Saw them on Elsie marley! You rock! And anks for the shout out:)


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