Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Your Film Petit

Film Petit number 4 is on it's way later this week! Do you guys know how excited we get about this each month? It's a little ridiculous. But that's why it works, because Kristin and I just live to out-dork each other. It's a dork fest, and if you guys get excited about it too, even better.

We are both sharing some of our favorites from the Film Petit Flickr group today. I love the super original movie choices some of you are using for clothing inspiration. Some of these would be perfect for Halloween. (Which is approaching with an irritating haste, by the way.)

A Wednesday Addams and a Pretty in Pink. A Mad Max and a wild Max. So original, sweet and quirky.

Check out Kristin's favorites and then come back Thursday for an extra spooky edition of FP with special guest Jessica from Running With Scissors. (I'm waving my spooky Halloween fingers and making crazy eyes as I say that last part.)


  1. It is totally your dorkiness that makes it so great. And my inner dork is quite tickled to be featured today. Thanks!

  2. So fun! I'm excited!!


  3. Just surfing through my reader and saw this photo! Thanks for the mention. I loved that outfit from last year...


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