Friday, April 26, 2013

KCW Part 2

You know what I love about Kids Clothes Week? Everyone approaches it differently. This is the first time I've ever made it past 2 garments in the whole week. And I made it pretty far past, because now I have 8 finished garments and there are still 3 days left. For me, I had to figure out a way to build momentum and not lose it. I am slowing down a bit, but I think I'll finish at least 2 more things.

I've kept some guiding principals all week, and I think that's what made it successful for me:

  • Only using materials I already have. I love using up stash. Takes away the guilt when I go to buy more later.
  • Only sewing patterns I've sewn before and already had traced. I know a lot of people love to use this week to try new things, but this has been a huge factor in my productiveness. I've modified some things to keep it interesting or sewn different views. I even drafted a quick tank pattern one night, but that was pretty mindless. Point is, it's the brain extension that really leads to burnout. (And too much tracing. That definitely leads to burnout.) Use your hands, not your brain or knees.

Sailboat skirt in corduroy

  • Sewing things that are really needed. I've mostly sewn staple items for Elsie because she really doesn't have much for the coming warm weather. Filling needs motivates me. 

Voile peasant top

  • Blogging and modeling just get in my way. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying reading some of your blog posts and the clothes are always cuter on the kids. But Elsie is really into "NO!" when it comes to photo shoots, so they eat up a lot of time and stress. Plus the actual post writing on top of that. If I had tried blogging daily, I woulda been done on day two. Kaput. I love you guys for reading here, but this week has been for me and my family, not the blog, and that feels great!
  • On the other hand, the social aspect of KCW is very fun and a great motivator. I like to be stroked as much and the next guy. I'm posting every garment to IG (alittlegressica) in real time and then to the Flickr group right from my phone. So glad they improved the flickr ap for iPhones by about 538%. I can take a little break and look at every new thing popping up there easily on my phone for insta-inspiration.

Tiny pocket tank

  • Don't plan too far ahead. I think that's what killed me in the fall. I had all these things cut out and ready the week before, and then it didn't seem as exciting to sew them anymore. This time, I've left myself more freedom. I sew what I want!
  • Finish things. I like to finish things. 

O&S Sketchbook shorts

  • Never waste time on pedestrian tasks like laundry folding or floor mopping. Do waste time going outside with your kids or taking the occasional power nap. 
  • Coffee. Ungodly amounts of coffee.

Lazy days

You can click on the pictures to go to my Flickr and get more pattern information for each one. It's turning out to be a very Oliver & S week for me, which is great. I love to use the few patterns I have of theirs over and over. (Love or laziness?) 

I'll be back Monday to share several more KCW finishes and wrap it all up. What have been your secrets to success this week?


  1. agree with you on all points! That's how I like to do KCWC too! I love all the things you've made!

  2. These are great guiding principles. Next time I will follow your lead. And hope my husband doesn't get sick, not host a book club, and have a few meals stashed in the freezer!

  3. I SO agree! Sometimes I loathe blogging, cause I just want to keep sewing and modeling... or lord don't get me started. You did great!

  4. i did a TON of tracing and cutting in advance and had the same issue--kcw came and i didn't want to sew any of what i had cut! i just wanted to go rogue all week long. however, being more organized made me more committed, so it's been a more successful week for me as well with a mix of new and old patterns. and no, absolutely no laundry or cleaning this week, and cooking/eating only for survival.

  5. love it! i'm working on the no plan gander approach. also, working a day ahead (aussie time!) and LOTS of knits. also, no showering. there's no time for that.

  6. I completely agree with your KCWC "philosophy" :) Your clothes look so cute!

  7. You are so funny, I really enjoyed all of your insight. This is my 2nd KCW and there were a couple of days that I just stopped sewing because I didn't want to change the thread on my serger (3x!!). For my next KCW, I am either going to choose similar colours or serge everything in white!

  8. Wow! you've accomplished so many cute things! I'm loving all the prints. Funny, your philosophy was mine for the last 4 KCW's and this time around I planned a little and I'm using patterns which I never did before! It's a lot slower for me that way- but that's ok! I just love seeing what everyones up to- I'm going to follow you on IG now!!!

  9. Good tips. I started making something I have never made before and I am stuck...just trying to understand the instructions consumes all my time and energy. Boehoe.
    Love what you made this week!

  10. Love it! I too have ignored the more pedestrian things like laundry & mopping this week- then again I usually do:) love the sail boat skirt!

  11. Wow, you have done amazing! I've finished one pair of shorts this week :). Actually technically I still have to add belt loops, so I'm not even quite finished. I've never used an O+S pattern yet, but clearly need to! All of your projects are adorable!

  12. These are really great tips you have on KCW. They would have been super helpful to know before I chose to make up my own stupid patterns and slave over all my "make it work" moments, plus photographing my kids, editing photos, and writing more blog posts than I have in months. From now on I expect you to better anticipate my personal shortcomings and be there for me ahead of time. Lol. And I want that little boat skirt.

  13. Great tips! I haven't been able to do KCW quite right. I hope to get a little more involved next time. If not for you, I think I would have certainly tried to go overboard and burned myself out. Thanks for the perspective check. :) You made some gorgeous stuff. Nice work. :)

  14. Great post, dude. Smart tips. I usually go gangbusters for the first few days then completely fizzle; great call to make things you've already made and traced and aren't super involved. Yes. Fun to get a lot done that way. Good.

  15. I love that little sailboat skirt the mostest! Very practical tips, I still haven't come up with a foolproof KCWC plan...every time I just burn out.

  16. Not wasting time on pedestrian tasks like laundry and floor mopping are top of my list. Great little post, Jessica. You've been busy!


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