Friday, May 2, 2014

Autobot Raglan and After School Pants

I have the hardest time lately with blogging my kids' clothes before they get dirty and slightly trashed. So why not embrace the reality of kid slime? No ones kids actually look that clean by lunch time in the spring anyway. And goodness knows I'm not together enough to get blog photos taken in the morning. 

So I followed the kids (with cutey little school friend on the left) on a walk yesterday when they set out to make treasure paths on the sidewalks. I made Hendrix this Autobot tee to wear to his fifth birthday party a couple weeks ago. The Autobots are the good-guy Transformers, led by Optimus Prime of course, and that's their symbol.

I made the raglan with some cheap interlock from Joann (I prefer the nicer stuff normally, but birthday parties are expensive. So I was being cheap.) It's the raglan pattern out of the Sewing for Boys book, in the size 7/8. That pattern worked fine on him when he was smaller, but I'm not crazy about the fit of this one. I need to switch to Field Trip raglans for my kids, not sure why I haven't yet!

Of course, the freezer paper stencil was the fun part. I gave Hendrix the shirt right before his birthday party. He was trying to watch something so he mumbled a thanks without barely glancing at it. I told him to look at the front and he exploded off the couch in excitement, "I LOVE IT!"

The pants are Oliver & S After School Pants, once again. Still my favorite pants ever. They are in teal Robert Kaufman Shetland flannel, which is the coziest ever. I made these a couple months ago, when the weather was still very cold and Hendrix had already worn through the knees of his store-bought jeans. I hate that! This flannel, along with the relaxed fit of the pants, won't do that. I decided to get a little crazy with the pockets in Alison Glass' Sunprint. I hate how his outfits tend to get so dark and boring, partly due to the dismal color selection in the boys' department and partly due to the fact that his favorite color ever is black. Little touches like chartreuse pockets make me happy. 

He thinks his spacey rain boots match everything perfectly this spring. Ok, I like your style kid.


  1. Easily the best boy outfit EVER! Love the Transformers top and those pockets are such a great addition to the trousers. Liking his one boot out style too ;)

  2. Rockin outfit, mr Hendrix! Love it. I guess I need to get in on the after school pants fun sometime.

  3. Those pants are awesome, I love the color combo!

  4. totally awesome Jess! Love the surprise on the front and his reaction. (I did the same at Christmas with Darth Vader on a Field Trip T-shirt).
    Such a perfect symbol for a stencil too. Well done, and I offer up my apologies in advance of any shameless copy that may come along one day... :)

  5. Oh, and obviously I love the After School pants too. Yours are perfect! (but I really love painting stencils!)

  6. Love the Autobot logo, you have a knack for making clothes attractive for the boys to want to wear them! The first photo is perfect. Could I ask you - what do you find is the difference between the Raglan pattern in the Sewing for Boys book and the Field Trip? I am an amateur sewer and am keen to learn details like this, which I wouldn't otherwise have known. I value your take on it! Thanks!

  7. He's awesome. Looking so grown up! And geez, a 7/8?! I want to see him next to Em, he'd likely tower over her. Do you have the Field Trip Raglan?? Mine came from Sewn so I'm sure you could get the hookup somehow, ya know? Ha. Awesome shirt and pant!

  8. Olá, Jessica!
    Me chamo Iris. Moro em Rio Branco, Acre, Brasil.
    Acompanho seu blog desde o começo. Infelizmente, não tenho conseguido acompanhar com muita frequência, mais entro sempre que posso.
    Acho seus trabalhos lindos! Parabéns!
    Mais hoje resolvi escrever no seu blog só para dizer que seu filho está uma graça! Nossa como ele cresceu! Guardei essa imagem dele ( na cabeça (dele no bercinho). Então sempre me impressiono quando entro no seu blog e vejo o quanto ele cresceu. Como o tempo passa rápido.
    Quando conheci seu blog, meu filho tinha acabado de nascer também. Acho que por isso me apeguei ao seu (risos).
    Seus filhos são uma graça! Parabéns por eles! E parabéns por seus trabalhos!


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