Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lotus Pond Geranium & Sketchbook

This is essentially the ONLY face/pose I can get out of this kid anymore. He was being the Hulk, I think. Or maybe he was trying to smile nice. There is no difference between those two looks. 

So welcome to my spot in the sunshiny glow of the Made-By-Rae Lotus Pond Blog Extravaganza! I mean really, does this fabric line make you happy or what? The colors together are an unstoppable happiness force. Don't fight it. See Tara's blanket, if you doubt me. And if you just don't know what I'm talking about, check out Rae's brand new line of organic quilting cottons from Cloud 9. I was so excited to get to play with this gorgeous fabric!


I made Hendrix an Oliver & S Sketchbook shirt using Snail Trail in gold and the Lily Pond print for a contrasting yoke. I made a size 6, but I think my just-turned-5 year old actually needs a 7 now. It just didn't quilt fit his chest right when it was buttoned and seemed a little short to me. Must be the Hulk muscles. But it's still pretty darn cute with that lily pad blue yoke. He bought the whole concept only because he has recently seen the movie Turbo, which is about a snail who wins the Indy 500. (huh?)  And these days he is mostly really happy just to have me making him anything. I should do it more. His sister accumulates my makes only because of the sheer volume of cute little girl patterns and fabrics, but she never shows that kind of gratitude. Hrumph.

Speaking of sass-master, she got herself a new Meadow Blossoms Geranium dress, made just a day or two after the fabric arrived in the mail. Which also happened to be the day before Easter. The Instagram was appropriately tagged #raesaveseaster. Really, could there be a more perfect Easter dress? (Besides this one. Geez Cino Jess, just had to be a genius with the trim, huh?) 

I really enjoy cute buttons on the back of a dress. One of life's greatest satisfactions.

I tried really hard to get those cute little hand-holding shots that one would expect from a perfect blogger like me with perfect kids like these, but this is what happened instead. I'm not complaining. 

Thanks so much to Rae and Cloud 9 because now these little weirdos have some extremely cute new summer duds. Check out the rest of the Lotus Pond projects over on Made By Rae, you will love them all to pieces. And if you are local, we should be getting the whole collection at Sewn Studio any day now! 


  1. A 6 is too SMALL?! Holy geez he's a big fella! Both kids are so cute, though, and I'd think something was seriously wrong if they were just standing still holding hands - just doesn't seem like their style. Love how you print mixed and Elsie's Easter Dress is perf, even sans trim. ;)

  2. These are utterly awesome and who needs hand holding when you're got poses like that?? Oh, and curls like that? The snail Sketchbook is perfection and so is the Geranium for that matter!

  3. The fabric looks so bright and happy. I love what you've done with it - especially the geranium. Your kids are classic :)

  4. you crack me up, girl. and I totally adore your kids...they are too cool for the internets.

  5. Beautiful sewing and adorable kids! I need to get my hands on some of this fabric because I love those snails!

  6. Sewing for my kids is exactly like that; a happy complaint boy who gets somewhat left out and an overly indulged, choosy younger sister! You said it perfectly.
    The shirt is gorgeous, very happy - good thing you didn't make it long sleeved as "snail trail" on a kid's long sleeved shirt has another meaning altogether.
    And as long as she wasn't whacking him with that stick then your blog photos are harmonious enough by my standards!

  7. Of course they are as cute as can be. They are my Great Grandkids. Looking forward to seeing you all at Thanksgiving.


  8. Did you take a summer break? I miss your blog posts. :)



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