Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mister Rider Creates stuff too.

My husband is a very talented musician, but also very visually creative.

I wanted to show you some some some of it....

This was the Christmas stage set at our church this year. As the worship leader, the set is also his responsibility. He's done many very cool ones in the past to go with different series, but this is one of my favorites. Usually the Christmas set involves about 9 huge lit trees across the stage, which looks beautiful, but this year he wanted a different feel. So with some friends' help, he created this fun cartoonish winter wonderland. I looooove it. It look even better in person :)

He was inspired by these amazing videos this UK band One Eskimo did to go along with their album. I think you can buy the album and videos on itunes for 6 bucks or so. Anyway, it's fantastical and watching it makes you feel like an 11-year old dreaming on Christmas Eve...

He also had these pretty red and green snowflake banners hanging throughout the auditorium. It was slightly reminiscent of the Opryland Hotel at Christmas time:

Another secret talent of Nick's: Gift-wrapping. He's seriously the best I've seen. He should probably work in a huge department store someday and be the king master of gift-wrapping... you know, just something we dream about.

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  1. Please tell Nick the stage was truly beautiful and I wish I could have seen it. I'm grateful for the pictures though. The gifts for Evan and Madison are great and so very unique. I'm glad Nick has the gift wrapping talent to fall back on , you just never know. I love my grandchildren necklace, it makes me feel near to them, I know that's weird. Oh well.


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