Friday, December 11, 2009

Handmade Holiday

This being HG's first Christmas, he needs a stocking. I've been wanting to make one for him ever since I saw this most lovely sweater stocking at the Long Thread (who also has many other great Christmas projects.)

So I scavenged our closet and found 3 sweaters we no longer use:

I cut them all up and sewed them together and made this:

I'm really liking the colors. Tip: If you are ever sewing thick knits like sweaters and you don't have a serger, use the stitch on your machine that looks like a straight stitch with a zig-zag stitch growing out of it. Can't remember what it is really called, which would be helpful. But you wanna make it strong, especially in this case, this little ditty needs to be stuffed full of goodies year after year by Santa. (And it will be VERY full, because of course my child will ALWAYS be on the best-behaved list. Of course. Obviously. Duh.)

I might add some embellishments like my lovely friend Olivia did for her son's. But I don't know, I am liking the simple stripes for now.

HG gets acquainted:

I hope he loves it on Christmas morning for years and years. This is really the first thing I've made for him that he won't outgrow anytime soon. For some reason dumping the stockings was always my favorite part of Christmas morning, even though they were filled with things much less exciting than those under the tree. Maybe I just liked the fact that my three brothers had plain stockings and mine had Rudolph on it with a big red pom-pom for a nose.

By the way, this is what he does when I get on my laptop:

"C is for computer, that's good enough for me..."


  1. I love it! We bought Lily a pink one this year. I remember saying when she was born that we wouldn't give in to the pink thing. Oh well:)


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