Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My first bags

There are so many patterns for bags out there that I want to try but haven't got around to yet... until the Christmas squeeze came and I needed gifts for my mother-in-law fast! I got the pattern here. I normally hate to buy a pattern, but this one looked really easy and did not involve any zippers, which I am still kind of afraid of.

Mom-in-law's came out so cute I was tempted to keep it for myself!

It's reversible:

And this one is for Nick's Grandma. I love the pretty batik fabric:

His mom's definitely came out a little better because it was the second one I made and I made the adjustments I wanted to the pattern. Now I want to make about a bazillion of them. Or maybe work on my own designs now, who knows.

We are still in FL on holiday. Every time we come here at Christmas I forget how warm it really is and don't pack any shorts or tshirts. You would think I would learn. We are even going to the beach tomorrow :)

Vacation wears out HG...


  1. Those are awesome... maybe that whole swap thing should happen...

  2. Oh my that little face melts my heart. Love your bags and would love to be carrying one someday.

  3. Ah those are awesome, Jessica. (And I totally have a bag in the same print as that top one that I got at F21!) Glad to be "blog friends" with you and see everything that you're up to!!


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