Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Four Things

1. I found a very cool website at work last week called Block Posters. You upload any image, choose how big you want it to be, and they create a pdf file of your image on multiple pages that you can print out. This may not sound that exciting immediately, but think about the creative possibilities!

For my job, I write children's church curriculum. There is a series coming up in April about generosity, and this is the original image I created for the logo:

This is how it looked printed out from Block Posters: 
I plan on putting it on the wall in the classrooms during the series. Of course, I just haphazardly laid it out on the floor here, but you could cut all those margins off and make it look even better. And the colors aren't really as faded as they look here, it's just the weird institutional lighting at my church.

You could do some really cool stuff with this for home decor. Look around their gallery for more ideas.

2. UO online has a lot of their apartment stuff on sale. I got a pretty new shower curtain for $9.99, and a few other cheap things for upcoming projects.

3. Free printable Marie Antoinette paper doll. Enough said.

4. Hello from Hendrix. He is really into exploring the musical intricacies of the xylophone right now... also hitting everything in sight with the mallet. 


  1. I love all of these things!!!!! I see a poster project in my future.

  2. gasp! my dad is a children's pastor, and I do a lot of artwork things for him. thank you sooo much for sharing the Block Posters link!


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