Friday, February 5, 2010

Hooded Towels/ High Chair Tomfoolery

HG is long past too big for his little newborn towels, but that's all he had- until yesterday when I made 4 hooded towels from this tutorial. It was really easy, but if you do it go ahead and look at their 2nd explanation of that tutorial also. (By the way, if you haven't looked around Prudent Baby yet, you really should. The site is only a few months old, but they have tons of really great DIYs, and not just baby stuff. Also check out their Prudent Advice blog if you are ever feeling all reflective about motherhood.) 

What's great about this towel is that the hood is in the middle of the long side, instead of the corner, so it's easy to completely wrap up that little baby chiminichanga in lots of extra towel. And bonus- the hood is extra pointy like a little gnome hat. 

Instead of using a hand towel and a bath towel like they recommend, I just bought some terry cloth at Joann's. I think it was $5 a yard, and I used one yard per towel. So you would have to find a really good towel sale to beat that. HG obviously finds it soft and luxurious...

Yeah, speaking of how adorable he is, don't be deceived. Not everything he does lately is so adorable. He turns 10 months tomorrow and he is already quite the strong-willed little toddler. When you learn how to walk at 7 months, I guess lots of early shenanigans and foolishness come too. 

His latest rebellion is purposely dropping his food on the kitchen floor.

That's a nice little pile of tomatoes he has slowly and meaningfully held out over the floor and dramatically released from his sticky little right hand. I swear, every time he does it, he looks at me and thinks, "What do you think about that, Mom? What are you going to do about it?"

And it's not because he doesn't like the food. He loves tomatoes. He loved the bananas he did it with this morning. What a booger. A painfully cute little booger face.

Are there any parents out there who have won this battle? I'd seriously love suggestions because at this point I've tried everything short of beating him with a wooden spoon. (ok, probably haven't tried EVERYthing...)

And don't try and tell me it's just one of those phases you have to deal with- that's bull. I'm the parent. I'm in charge. He shouldn't throw his food on the floor on purpose. End of story.

but oh man, he really is an adorable little booger :)


  1. They came out so great! Thanks for sending the link! YAYYY!

  2. I can't give parenting advice. But I love how crafty you are! I will have it get some great ideas from you.

    Stacey Conrad

  3. Starve him 1 day for every piece of food he drops. He'll learn how precious food really is. Just my two pennies.

    1. And then she gets arrested for child neglect - food problems are not worth it!

  4. Ok, not that I have the answers, but on Hudson's high chair tray there is the circular hole (for a cup, I guess.) Somehow we taught him that if he doesn't want something, instead of throwing it on the floor, he puts it into the little hole. When he is finished or doesn't like it, that is what he does.

    I'm not really sure how we taught him that and sometimes he abuses that.

    He likes to throw his cup on the floor too, and we just take it away and don't give it back until it seems like he'll keep it.

    Also, I love the towels, I just use normal towels now, but it would be fun to have some cute ones for him that are big enough.

  5. Hmmm... I'm pretty hard core about this kind of stuff, so take this with a grain of salt... Not eating one meal won't starve him. The first time he dropped one of those on the floor I'd take all his food away and not give it back to him for an hour or so. It'll only take a few times and he'll learn. You may feel like you are being a bad Mommy, but remember - you are the boss, not him. Good luck! :)


    P.S. That's an awful cute picture of him in the towel.

  6. these turned out wonderful! i'll be posting them in an upcoming round up! your boy is crazy cute!

  7. thanks so much Jaime! I LOVE Prudent Baby!

  8. I would put a plastic table cloth on the floor and then the high chair in the middle of it. When they are done eating all you had to do was roll up the tablecloth and shake it out. Sure saved time, what they didn't want was on the cloth, and then out the door with a shake


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