Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Freshly Picked Skirts for Spring

BE FOREWARNED: This post is full of bad self-timer, auto-flash photography. Oh, and some awkward modeling, and a cute popping-in child.

I almost didn't post about this, because I don't know how to take decent pictures of myself, but I wanted to give some helpful hints to anyone who wants to try making the Freshly Picked skirt.

This was my first attempt. I'm glad I bought $2 a yard fabric for this one, because I'm not in love with how it came out. There is just so much fabric gathered under the elastic. This makes it a bit too flouncy. I might still wear it with a nice black top on a hot date or something, but I was hoping for more of an every day type of skirt. 

Which is a shame, because I love the hidden peek of yellow in the pockets. (Noticing a trend here lately?)

On my second attempt, I used some really cool fabric that my friend brought me from Tanzania. But this time, instead of cutting the width of the fabric to twice the width of the elastic waist, I did 1 and 1/2 times the width, which is how she does it on Ruffles and Stuff. This turned out in a level of pouffy-ness that I was much more pleased with. But I still did the pockets and attached it to the elastic the Freshly Picked-way. 

I was afraid that this style of skirt would not look good on me because I am not very slim waisted and have no hips. But that's the beauty of it- it makes anyone look like they have a nice waist and curves. Plus it's an easy clothing item for a sewer of any level. So go make one. Or nine. 

And the slob in me also likes it with the shirt un-tucked.

But that's why I wanted to make some skirts, because I have kind of turned into that mom-slob person with a pony-tail and elastic-waist pants that I never wanted to be. So I have resolved to wear mostly skirts and dresses this summer. 

I have also resolved to become a person that makes the bed every day. I've done it for 2 days now- turns out, it's really quick and easy to do.  :)


  1. So, here's a should probably let us not-so-crafty (as far as sewing goes) types order these skirts through an Etsy store or something...just a thought...because I love those skirts and wish I had the skills to make one. :)

  2. You're hot!
    Wanna grab coffee with me sometime?

  3. very cute! I also decided I was "frumpy" lately...and that I was also way too young (or at least young feeling) to be Frumpy. So, I went and bought some regular shorts. I feel so much better in them! Also likes skirts for summer. Quick, cool, easy...just don't know how I'll find time to make any :-)

    Nice idea about making the bed. Mine is only made on days I wash the sheets. haha. Actually, I'm so bad that we went on vacation in early February and I still haven't unpacked. I really need to get it together!...but, my kids are alive and healthy-so that says something I guess

  4. I love these. I love the yellow pocket and the fabric on the other one is beautiful.

  5. You are such a crafty little thing! I love all your projects. You amaze me. I am really BAD when it comes to sewing. I love looking at your creations though and dream that I could do it.

  6. The skirt is so cute on you, the fabric is gorgeous. You're adorable! People would truly buy them from you.

  7. thanks everyone!

    Erin-you should totally make this skirt. All you need is one decent naptime...Do you even get all the kids napping at the same time? I guess that would be a pretty difficult feat- I'd say you are doing REALLY well to keep them all alive and happy! (seriously, I don't know how you do it being on your own so much!)

  8. oh, Elliot never naps. I can usually get the boys down at the same time. So, I have these really cool scarves (that are huge-like what people wrap around their heads) that Wes sends me from Afghanistan. He just sent me one that I LOVE and I was thinking of trying to turn it into one of these skirts. It's not stiff like regular cotton, but it still might work. I'm gonna try tonight. How many yards did you use for yours? I went and bought the elastic today and am going to try to sew once the kids go to bed for the night. I also saw on the other blog the "Little Mama" skirt, so I'm definitely going to have to make Elliot a matching one. I've never "matched" her, but this might just be too cute not to.

    So, once I buy a huge curtain rod, I'm also making curtains out of some of these HUGE scarves. I'll have to post a pic on our blog once I do. I have 4 that will be 4 panels. Now, to find a nice 100" long curtain rod I like.


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