Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photo Booth Felt Mustache How-to

Last night was HG's big birthday party, and it was so much fun! One thing we did was set up a "photo booth" area with a backdrop (old sheet from goodwill) and various props. This is not my original idea, I think I first saw the "smile booth" at Our Labor of Love, and then I saw the idea used again at Simply Radiant. (This yellow party actually inspired me a lot, as you will see in future party posts!)

But as I was gathering supplies for a little prop box, I think I did come up with an original way to make those adorable felt mustaches every "hip" photographer is using lately. (Actually I believe the originator of the mustache-on-a-stick craze is here.)

I didn't have any sticks lying around, and I did have elastic, but that seemed uncomfortable. Then I remembered that I had a bunch of white cloth-covered floral wire- Eureeka!

So here is the mini-tutorial:
Draw up a little mustache design you like (or find one on google) and cut out 2 from the felt. Also cut out a smaller piece, kind of bow tie shaped. Stick the two mustaches together with craft glue. Then put glue on the small piece and stick it in the center, with the middle of the wire sandwiched in between.

This is what it looks like from the back. Let it dry, and the wire wraps comfortably around your ears- you can barely notice it. Which is great, because of course you will want to wear your felt mustache all the time. To work, to school, to the movies, to the summer music festivals...

One for every day of the week.

"Mom, what the deuce is going on with your face?"

"Seriously, take that thing off- I don't like it."

"Ah geez, they got Nana and Grandpa too!"

***See the rest of the party here! ****


  1. such a great idea! we went to a wedding that had a photo booth with props, and it was awesome. your little man is too cute. i love his shirt...i'm sure you made that, too?

  2. What a fun party! Everything was fun and festive, and Nick did a great job on the food. I've always hoped I'd never have a mustache , and here I was wearing one for the world to see!


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