Monday, April 19, 2010

Plate Wall! (with how-to)

I've wanted a wall of plates ever since I saw this one on Lena Corwin's blog.

Mine isn't quite this epic, but it is very nice on my little apartment kitchen wall, I think.

Here's how I did it:

First, gather supplies. Your plates of course, and an equal number of plate hangers. These on the left are from Bed Bath and Beyond, and they are cheaper than the others I got from Michael's. BUT, the hook on them is so long that you can see the nails peeking out above the plates. Not a big deal, just a word to the wise.

Go ahead and stretch the hangers over the plates, then arrange on the floor until you come up with something pleasing to your eye. I didn't want mine to be too symmetrical, so after much trial and error, I settled on an arrangement. The ones with the vintage camembert labels I got at Jungle Jim's, and the other three I found on clearance at Anthropologie. (Does anyone else have to go straight to the sale table in the back when they go in that place? I pretend I have horse-blinders on until I get back there, so I don't let the covet-monster get me.) Of course, you could also make a great, cheap plate wall if you take a little time thrifting. I just couldn't resist all these bright colors since I can't paint my apartment walls.

Then I cut out paper circles the same size as my plates and taped them to the wall in that arrangement. This really helped me get everything in just the right place. Next, I nailed in all the little hooks, right below the tops of the circles. (I even did all the nailing myself instead of wussing out and asking Nick!)

Finally, exchange your paper circles for pretty plates, and admire. (Yes, I have one of the old rolling dishwashers you have to hook up to the sink.)

I love it. And I have room to add more if I want.

I don't know if you can see, but those flowers have little numbers in them, like a paint-by number.

Design Sponge also has a helpful video about hanging plates that you can see here.

I also wanted to show you another little DIY I made for my kitchen a long time ago, my vintage record sleeve organizers:
We have next to no counter-space for mail and coupons and such, so these are great, and so easy to do. The how-to is right here. The only thing I did differently was glue a pretty sheet of scrapbook paper to the back of each one's pocket.


  1. I love those record covers hanging on the wall. brilliant.

  2. Jessica. You astound me. I wish we lived in the same city so we could be crafty together! LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow plate with the flowers, and I might have to use your record sleeve organizer idea...I love it so much!!!

  3. SO CUTE!...and I just may have to find a place to put some record sleeve organizers. LOVE IT!

  4. oh your plate wall is so cute! It's so funny seeing these spring up all over the internet grandma always used to give me plates to hang on my walls as gifts when I was a kid and I never understood why, I mean, I was 10 and it was the 80's and I was into masks with ribbons and music notes. But admittedly, I love them now.

  5. I like the plates. I would hate to be somewhere I can't paint, but sometimes the white is a much more modern backdrop for things like your cute plates. My mom always hung plates in our dining room growing up and I was always confused. the end:)

  6. So cute! That turned out so well. And I LOVE the record-album organizers. Especially because we always have papers EVERYWHERE!

  7. The plates look great Jess, and I never would have thought of the paper circles on the wall first. I just nail and sometimes have to look at my mistakes for a long time.

  8. I'm TOTALLY stealing your record cover idea! Ooh... well, what if I just hung record covers (or records themselves) on the wall instead??? I love finding inspiration!!!

    Seriously though, I just went on maternity leave and have 2 weeks until baby girl is here, and I have a huge lime green wall in my kitchen with need of attention. Thank you for the ideas!


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