Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A girly-girl birthday gift.

Our little friend Alivia turned 3 last week and I made her this little dress-up set. She is a very sweet, pink and girly girl, so sorry if you gag on these pinkalicious pictures a little. But she seemed to like them :)

I sprung for the sparkle tulle instead of plain with this tutu, but be forewarned- the stuff is stiffer and it takes a little longer to do the no-sew version. It did for me anyway. But what 3-yr old doesn't appreciate a little sparkle?

The wings I made with this pattern. I changed the shape though to make them a little softer. The shape the pattern has would probably be better to make dragon wings for a boy or something. I also had to make them quite a bit smaller. I found this project on Chez Beeper Bebe, which I love.

For the little wand, I broke a dowel in half, painted it pink, and sandwiched it and the round ruffled thing between two circles of sparklicious craft foam. To ruffle the fabric, just cut a long thin strip and make a gathering stitch on one long edge. Pull the top thread to gather and sew the ends into a circle. If that sounds confusing, it's just like this tutorial, just adjust the sizes to what you need.

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  1. Haha, I love how you added "licious" to so many words in the post. Awesome-licious! ;)


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