Monday, August 16, 2010

OBSESSED WITH: Finding an iphone case

So as you know from my geriatric ranting the other day, I got an iphone 4, which actually came much earlier than expected. And I must say, I'm starting to enjoy it. But the next logical need is a protective case for me to carry. So I searched on Etsy and found one I'm happy with. I also found a lot more that I might have also been happy with, had I wanted to blow all the money I just made on Etsy, on Etsy. (Which is very easy to do.)

I LOVE these simple pouches by Denardi.

Yummy Pocket has really fun ones, like a gameboy, monsters, mustachioed faces, and my favorite- the mix tape.

And Tinder and Bloom has tons of BEAUTiful leather ones.

I ended up snagging this Japanese fabric cutie from Genie Crafts. It was just $8- no shipping!

Sometimes it's really nice to just buy something lovely and handmade rather than make it yourself, you know?


  1. Cute little home for your new terrible piece of technology.

  2. I totally agree that buying can sometimes be better- the bike one is my favorite:) Enjoy your new phone!


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