Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I made a couple of bags this week for good friends. I didn't want to charge these lovely ladies, and since they are both makers of things as well, I suggested we barter. How very Oregon Trail of us.

For Olivia, I made this bag (which I'm totally spoiling for her since she hasn't received it yet)

And I'm going to get this adorable print from her shop:

And for my newlywed friend Jessica, I made this bag

For which I've already received a large jar of her honey:

That's right, she keeps bees in her backyard, and harvests (is that the right word?) their yummy TN honey herself. How cool is that? It's delicious. (Although I'm not supposed to eat it right now, I sometimes have to sneak some.)

So this makes me think about the whole swapping thing. There are lots of us bloggers/etsy-ers who make things, and would also like the things that others make. Does anyone know of any sites set up for organizing swaps? It would be nice if you could put a handmade item out there, and also let people know what kind of thing you are looking to swap for, whether it be art, supplies, edibles, or other specific handmade items. Once you have a taker, you could organize the rest on your own terms. I'm sure there is something like that out there. If not, maybe we could just make our own? Suggestions? Thoughts?


  1. I would so be in for a craft/art/handmade swap!

  2. Well, I am love that I get to see my bag before I actually get it. It's so great! I can't wait for it to arrive.

    I think a craft/art/handmade swap would be really fun.

    Maybe we should start it.

  3. Are you on Craftster? There are boards where you share your crafts, and other boards where you can swap things! There are some swaps where you craft things around a certain thing, some where you trade things you've already made, and some where you and a partner decide exactly what you want to trade, like you did here. Even if you don't swap, Craftster is an amazing online community!


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