Saturday, November 6, 2010

Epic Date Night (Jonsi!!!)

Nick and I are headed to Columbus tonight to see this incredibleness-

I could not be more excited. We have loved Sigur Ros for years and used a lot of their music in our wedding. We saw them at Bonnaroo a couple of years ago, and that was hands down the most amazing live show I've ever seen. I'm gonna go ahead and say it's kind of a magical experience... and I hate when people use that word, but it is appropriate. I'm thinking tonight's stage show will even top that. And besides all that, I'm feeling somewhat like my old self and I am actually wearing real clothes and makeup. Very exciting.

Here's more about the uber-creative stage and video production if you're interested:

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  1. Love it! It seems like everyone I know has seen their favorite show at Bonnaroo. Mine was Radiohead :)


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