Friday, November 19, 2010

Travel Fabric "High Chair"

It's more like a child harness than a high chair. But it works! I love love love it when sewing can easily meet an immediate need. We are flying to Florida on Monday, and I made this in an effort to minimize the number of large child accessories we have to lug around.

The tutorial is here, which I found from Homemade by Jill's version. I just wish I had made that bottom piece a few inches longer. It's fine, but he's pantless here so it will probably just barely reach over the strap part when he has pants on. Also, the tutorial says to use quilted fabric or batting in between layers, but I did neither. I think whatever kind of non-stretch cotton fabric you have on hand would work just fine.

 Here it is from the back of the chair. (Ignore the "cushion pile" in the background, that's a daily occurrence at our house.)

I think I'm also going to add a couple more strips of velcro for extra reinforcement. Knowing this kid, he'll probably figure out how to get out of it a day or two into our trip. Then he'll just wander around at Thanksgiving gatherings, mooching from various family members like a less annoying, more adorable schnauzer. Well, it might still be annoying, but his parents are the oblivious type that assume everyone else loves him nearly as much as they do :)


  1. OMG!! THIS IS PERFECT. Thanks so much. I don't want to buy a huge booster seat/high chair thing for when we travel so this is great!

  2. that's so cool! I could have used 2 of them today at Elliot's thanksgiving feast. It was disasterous! OH, I did not even notice the cushion pile till you pointed it out, then I had to scroll back up and look at what you were talking about. haha

  3. Great idea...
    and what, your kid destroys your living every single day... that's so weird!!!

  4. Will you make me one!?? I blogged about a way more expensive version of that I saw on a website last year, and always wondered if someone like you could just whip one up. Let me know! I love it:)

  5. Courtney you could totally make this! It's really basic. Of course I will still be happy to make you one if you want, I'm making Betsy one too :)

  6. good job! I will have to look back on this in a year or so


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