Monday, October 3, 2011

2 Blocks, 28 Squares, 1 Winner, and a Front-Butt.

You guys, attempting to shop for new jeans this afternoon has left me totally depressed. After striking out in the junior-ish section, I actually tried on a brand called "Not Your Daughter's Jeans." Really? That was a new dressing room low. There is nothing in between the low-cut-look-at-my-tramp-stamp variety and the mom jean front-butt variety. My life is over at not quite 29. Might as well get a dog that fits in a purse, switch to decaf, and go back to the store for those mom jeans.

Ok, I'm going to stop being so devastatingly dramatic, and think about pretty fabrics instead.

... Look what came in the mail this morning!

28 perfectly beautiful 10" squares of Echino prints. These make me incredibly happy. It's just going to be difficult to land on the perfect quilt design for them. Infinite thanks to Sara at Sew Sweetness for organizing the swap!

 These are my September blocks for the do.Good Stitches bee. Diane asked for off-centered square in square blocks with orange, white, and one or two other colors. I love pink and orange together and was happy to use up some Loulouthi scraps... I really need to finish that quilt. It has a back, just needs some quick and simple quilting. Anyway, I love how both of these blocks came out, and I think the whole quilt is going to be really fun.

Finally, if you are looking for the winner of LBG Studios Convertible Clutch pattern, it's #13, my buddy Liv!  (I promise that was the first result! Screen grabs don't lie.)

The rest of you, go buy that pattern anyway, it's going to be all the rage in blogdom. Do it, do it!


  1. Wooo Hooo! I win. I especially love that last square.

    I found jeans at Target, where the husband slaves away for a part-time job, where all our money goes right back. They are decent and affordable... not the worlds greatest, but they aren't terrible.

  2. I love you do.Good blocks. So colorful!

    As for jeans, pre-baby I liked Mavi and Seven jeans. Shockingly though, children are quite expensive so now I shop Gap/Old Navy and sometimes J.Crew factory. I have also found some cute stuff at Target.

  3. ah. . . jeans. i hate them. apparently, when you get fatter you're supposed to also get taller. i didn't get that memo so i'm out of luck in finding jeans that fit my not so skinny anymore 5' 3" frame. boo. yeah, i know that i could hem them but i don't want to! anywho, thanks for hosting the giveaway!!!!

  4. drooling over the echino.... and jeans ;( maybe loft? they seem to do ok with the "not-an-old-lady-but-not-into-paris-hilton" market.

  5. yikes. I'm one of those 'mom jean' types you dread, and even I think it's pitiful! oh well. Time flies & things change. Anywho - beautiful fabric and lovely blocks you made!

  6. i agree with rachael - try loft! i've also had decent luck at the gap, but they're hit or miss. remember snl? "i'm not a woman anymore, i'm a MOM!" haha! :)

    love the blocks, too - great colors.

  7. ugh, I hate shopping for jeans. I don't remember the last time I was able to buy jeans and wear them straight off the rack. I always have to do some kind of tailoring to get them to fit.

    Totally jealous of your echino. can't wait to see what you do with it. :-)

  8. Target has a HOT DEAL buy today. You can get the Boot Cut jeans they have for $6 a pair.
    I bought two, in a larger size since Target jeans never fit me right, and they are WONDERFUL!!!
    No trampstamp showing, fits at hips, no front butt... For six bucks might want to give them a try... if they dont work send them back. :) I think every woman that has curves, especially me, has the same problem. GOOD LUCK

  9. You are hilarious. :) I hope you find a pair of jeans you love that won't give you front butt soon. In the meantime, you can enjoy your Echino beauties!

  10. I am your exact age, Jessica, and I so agree with you that no one is making clothes for us cool modern WOMEN. Please. Ok, maybe Anthro is, but we're not millionaires.

  11. Bah ha ha. Thanks for the laugh on the jeans front :)

  12. If you can hit an outlet store, I find that name brand stuff inevitably fits better than department store. It crummy that the chepo jeans look hideous on my post kiddo self, but hey. The kids are worth the sacrifice... I think. :)


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