Friday, October 7, 2011

LTTSA: Apron part 1 (and Winner!)

Can I just say how inspired I am by you guys? I mean, the projects everyone linked up this month are kind of mind-blowing. And I'm so encouraged that we had nearly as many finishes as last month. That's saying something, since the backpack was really a lot more work than the hats. You guys are hardcore and I love it.

Now let's get to it- who wins the Oliver & S pattern of their choice?

It's #15, Meryl! I'll email you soon to discuss your choice of winnings, congrats!

So this month when cutting out my pieces for the bias-trimmed apron, I took Sarah's advice and used freezer paper. It was GLORIOUS. I've had some on hand forever because I love using it for stenciling on clothes, but I don't know why it never occurred to me to use it for patterns. I decided to cut fabric for 3 aprons, and it took no time with the freezer paper.

Just make sure you trace the pattern onto the freezer paper with the shiny, plastic-coated side down. Then iron your cut-out pieces right onto the fabric. Since it stuck so well, I felt like I was able to cut much more accurately than with pinning.

And the amazing part is that you can peel it up and iron it to another piece of fabric, and it sticks just as well! Have you guys tried this yet? I'm really excited about it, like to a degree of ridiculous sewing-geek proportions.

I found my roll of freezer paper at Target a while back. I'm not sure if all grocery stores carry it, but I'm telling you, it's worth hunting down! It was even easier to see thru than my blank newsprint I've been using.

So here are my pieces cut for all three aprons. All of this fabric is from Ikea, you may recognize that middle print from when I used it on a floor cushion

I'm really glad I planned this project for October because we always like to paint pumpkins. Well, always, as in starting last year. I want to try to do more indoor painting projects with the kids as the weather cools down too, so these will be perfect for that. I thought about using laminated cottons so they could just wipe down, but I decided it would be better to be able to throw them in the wash. These are all sturdy home-dec weight fabrics too.

... Speaking of, did you hear that Ikea is going to stop selling fabrics?!?! I'm a little sad about it, and I need to get to ours SOON to clear them out. 

Anyway, next week we'll talk about making bias tape, though using pre-made is ok for this too. After making that, this project will go together like cake, which will be nice after those backpacks with 57 pieces. 

Also, I'm working on getting another prize together for this month, so stay tuned for that! What are you guys using for the aprons? 


  1. Yay October! I have my fabric read and just need to decide whether or not to make my own bias tape. Really, anything "blue" or "red" will do for me, so it's probably best not to put for the effort.

    Tonight's to-do: Trace out that pattern. Yippee!

    Oh. And put button holes in the Sketchbook shirt that has been waiting for them for weeks. They always make me a bit nervous as they're not easy to correct if I mess up!

  2. I wanted not to sew the apron (each of my kids already has cooking and painting aprons), but one messenger bag. Is it OK or is this a problem?

  3. Pretty fabrics! Thanks for the freezer paper tip. I've read about doing that but never got around to trying it. I'm sure most grocery stores would carry it, since even our rural small-town one has it.

    I thought about using laminated, too, but then figured with the bias trim on there, you'd still want to be able to wash it.

  4. Congrats Meryl!

    I haven't decided if I'm going to make the apron or something else from the book. The picture of yours cut out are making me want to sew the apron!

  5. I've got my apron half sewn. It's so cute.

    I didn't know IKEA will stop selling fabric....I need to get there ASAP!

  6. Where did you hear that about Ikea no longer selling fabrics?

  7. All the back packs looked great - I am back from my holiday and back in the sew along - YAY. Seriously want some of that freezer paper - not sure they sell anything like it in Australia, will have to do some investigating. Ooh and love the IKEA fabric choices, what a good idea, I think I have some IKEA stuff in my stash so might be a copy cat on this one.

    Amanda xoxox

  8. I'm sorry. WHAT? Ikea is not going to be selling fabrics anymore?!? That is...not good news.

  9. Hooray for freezer paper! :) I really do love the stuff and I keep all my cut pieces file folders to use again.

    I've made this cute apron once before and promised my younger daughter I'd make one for her sometime too, so I guess now's the month! Here's my 1st one:

  10. Ok...I was at Ikea and the woman looked at me like I had three heads when I asked if they were going to stop selling fabric, so I'm wondering if that is just in the states?

    I picked up some oil cloth for my second apron.

  11. Awesomeness! Thanks so much for the giveaway (and the tip about the freezer paper, pinning and cutting tissue paper was making me a little crazy).

    I can't think of anyone who needs an apron right now, so I think I'm going to make the doll dress this month.

  12. I agree that aprons are easy to throw in the wash rather than wipe down. And, I had NO IDEA that Ikea was stopping fabrics. Boo hoo! And, and, and, I never really knew that freezer paper did that sticky thing. That's awesome. Thanks for passing it on, geeky excitement and all ;)

  13. A week later, and yay! I traced the pattern tonight :) I went with ye old tracing paper because I have a lot of it that simply needs to be used up.

  14. interfered last month and I wasn't able to get the bag finishes...and so it tops the pile of WIPs cluttering my dining room table right now *sigh* BUT I'm super stoked about doing the aprons this month. The Munckins and I do a massive weekend of Christmas Cookie baking each year & I've decided to gift the little kitchen helpers with their own aprons this year. SO stoked!


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