Friday, October 21, 2011

PR Finale Part 1

I almost entitled this post "PR finale- WTF??" But I can't say I'm surprised in any way. If there was ever any doubt that the producers are pulling the strings on everything and the judges' critiques are basically meaningless, well, that doubt is gone.

I know Anya became a bit of a fan favorite and it's inspiring how fast she learned and blah blah, but she definitely should have gone home. Despite his ass-iness issues, everything Joshua said at the end of the episode was completely justified and I would have felt the same way. Someone should have gone home today. How are the other three supposed to feel that they've accomplished anything?

And the fact that they showed that whole scripted part at the end with the judges saying anybody could win? Please. They might as well have said, "Well, we can't send Anya home because we have already picked her as the winner."

Let's have a look-see at the fashion in this completely pointless episode.

I thought Viktor's showing was far and away the best. Each piece was striking, different, well-made and very him. The only thing he really got critiqued for was putting pieces together that were each too strong. But to be fair, Tim told him that the leather zipper skirt made that dress and Tim also advised him to put a "wow" gown under that jacket. It must be frustrating to the designers when they listen to Tim and are then criticized over it. I just love what he does with those large prints and how everything looks completely professional. I wish that gown was long all the way around instead of a mullet, but that's probably all I would change. I want that black tuxedo jacket. 

(Sorry about these bad screen-grabs. I got lazy.)
So this is Anya's.... Completely agreed with everything the judges said. That bathing suit outfit looked silly and unflattering and the gown is AWFUL. She really did everything wrong with the satin. Even if she had chose a better fabric, it would still just be a basic one-shoulder goddess gown. The first dress on the left was cute. But it was helped greatly by the fact that her other two looks were so disappointing. On it's own, it's nothing that special. She was easily the worst today. I honestly don't know how she made it past last week without the judges noticing that everything looked like her assistant Bert and not her. Anyway, we really don't even have to watch next week because at this point it's clear they will do anything to make her the winner. Don't get me wrong, I think she's a lovely person and not a terrible designer, but it really hasn't been a fair game.

I really don't get him. All season they have been calling him a good designer but at the same time saying he has terrible taste. I would guess that a person would have to have some pretty good taste to design clothing, but what do I know. I have no idea what kind of woman would wear his clothes. Who would buy a neoprene LBD? And for the love, stop putting pieces of plastic on everything! I just feel like he should find his niche in designing for men like himself. (Or Stefon.) I mean, the guy wore a half-vest with leather bound books printed all over it in this episode. To me, that automatically disqualifies you from winning Project Runway. But they love him. Or more likely, they love his TV personality. Whatever.

They were right that Kimberley had some styling issues. But I'm really glad she's going to fashion week and I think she deserves it. Her clothes are not my style at all, but I think they are great for her audience and it really is a voice that is missing in high fashion. I could easily see stylish urban girls working these looks in downtown Cincinnati. You can't really tell here, but the backs of each of these were interesting and pretty. I don't think her collection will be win-worthy, but her point of view is unique enough that making it to the top three will at least jumpstart her career. 

Well, at least we got lots of Tim time this week...

You guys, I don't want to be one of those people who complains about the quality of PR going to the dogs and threatening to never watch again.... but I'm so disappointed with this season I might never watch again. I don't even care who wins next week. That's not true, I really hope it's Viktor. But it will be Anya. That other thing I said isn't true either, I will watch next season. I'm mostly just full of it  :) 


  1. AMEN. agree on all points. i was rooting for anya heading into this episode, but...womp womp. poor girl, i think she got psyched out by the pressure. all the totally nailed it. i really hope viktor wins, he's got the best mix of taste level / skill / inventiveness of the whole group. i'll keep watching in the future, too, especially all-stars! ;)

  2. yup. yup. yup. whatevs. oh, and we were totally laughing at that scripted "anyone can win" part.

  3. Viktor should a mile...we shouldn't even need to watch next week. Is it a negative when your pieces are so standout that you shouldn't put them together? The other designers at best had one good piece....

  4. UGH. I just finished this episode and thought it was so lame that Anya got through. I've thought for the last few weeks that she does have a good design eye but she's always off the mark a bit, yet as you say, they're determined for her to win. Bleh. And if I were to admit a crush on someone (not that I am), it would totally be Viktor. I want to wear 99% of what he sends down the walk. This is my first year watching (don't ask me how I have missed out for this long; I'm lost on that), so I have nothing to compare it to, but I am convinced that Josh remains in the game for the D-R-A-M-A.

  5. They've done Anya a great disservice by never (at least on air) really critiquing her. It's always, "love love love" and never "gee... do you even know how to put a zipper in anything?"

    Two seasons ago upset me because Emilio didn't deliver what the judges wanted on the final runway, so worth-competitor Seth Aaron won. I'm disappointed, but ok with that.

    Then last season they favored Gretchen and her boring designs all the way to the prize.

    And now it really feels they're giving Anya the same treatment. If they hand her the prize...angry.

    I'm already annoyed that I fast forward through 30% to upwards of the show because they're focusing so much on the designer drama. If they add a second season with a sense of pre-chosen winners? I will walk away. Even with their promise of an "All Stars" season, it's not worth my time.

  6. Agree all around! They've made it clearer than ever this season that it's the producers deciding who stays and who goes, and it doesn't really matter what anyone actually designs or sews. I told my husband at the beginning of the season that they'd never cut Anya or Josh, and what do you know! The producers think they make "good tv" so nothing else matters. Viktor really should win, and he would if all was fair, but I'll be shocked if he does.

  7. I totally agree about Anya. I'm so bored with her clothes! Its the same thing over and over. And yes, Joshua's clothes aren't that practical, but at least they are interesting and definitely not boring. I think the LBD was kind of cool, even if it was neoprene. And I agree that PR is going downhill. I've been feeling that since Gretchen won last season. I do have hope for the upcoming PR All-stars though.

  8. Hi, friend! :) Coming out story- will have to share more with you in person one day. I actually have this dream to write and publish it all... we'll see.

    Also, what were the Flickr groups you were telling me about?! I need them like I need air to breathe!!!

  9. I completely agree with you!!! I can't wait to see their final collections!

  10. Ahhhh. Closing my eyes! I don't have cable so I have to watch via other methods and haven't seen this yet! :)


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