Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bad Things, Good Things

Well, first cute things...

I'll admit, this hat from Target seems like a copout compared to Hendrix's costume. But really, Elsie was in the stroller under blankets all night, and this is one cute Panda.

 Getting ready to go out with friends and neighbors. (I also made Robin Hood's hat using this tutorial, which was really quick and adorable.) Hendrix kept saying "Frick-r-Freeters!"and now he calls the candy itself trick or treaters as well. By the end of the night he was rifling through people's bowls of candy looking for his favorites. Rotten.

Bad thing: I broke my sewing machine on Friday. Luckily, I still have my old one which works fine, but I probably should have been using that to begin with when I sewed up 200 of these-

My husband Nick has a band called FirstPost and they had a CD release party Sunday night at our favorite local pub. (Well, it's just a bar, but I always call it a pub because that sounds classier... especially when talking to my mom. Hi mom! I'm sure she is loving the cd cover as well.) Any way, it was a very exciting night and the band sounded awesome, and my machine could probably use a good servicing anyway. Have a listen to the album here.

The event was also a costume party so I dressed up as Nick. Yes, this picture is weird. But I kind of nailed it right?

So the CD release was a very good thing, but the bad thing was that I missed the first half of the show because of my children, one of whom might be traumatized for life because of that night. Our best friends came over and put their two kids to bed at our house so that we could all go and share a sitter. We do this often and the kids all sleep fine. When the sitter hadn't showed up 20 minutes after she was supposed to, we called her parents and found out that she was in bed sick. Her dad volunteered to come since they were all asleep anyways, so we thought that was great and we left. It's within walking distance from our house, and about 7 minutes after we arrived, the dad called. Hendrix had come downstairs for some reason to find this strange middle-aged man whom he had never met before and he flipped out. Looking back, it might not have been the best plan of action for the sitter's dad to stand in... anyway, I ran home right away to calm him down, and he did pretty quickly. But Elsie had been awoken in the commotion as well and she did not want to go back to sleep. Not one bit. After I had been there an hour screaming this in my mind, our friend Nathan came home to relieve me so I could go catch the rest of the show. And we love him for it. Hendrix has only mentioned the episode once, so maybe he won't be talking to therapists about it down the road... here's hoping. 

I'll leave you with one pretty thing. My managers at Sewn Studio got to go to Quilt Market last weekend and they were kind enough to bring me some gorgeous not-yet-released fabric samples! On the left is Aneela Hoey's upcoming Walk in the Woods line, and on the right is some Quilt Blocks by Ellen Barker. I feel like such an industry insider getting to play with these! And did you notice what book that is up there? I finally got my copy of Sewing For Boys. I love every single thing in it and can't decide what to make first. But whatever it is will have to wait because I have got to get in some serious quilting time this week. It's been too long!

Oh, one more bad thing: I dropped my iPhone in Dr. Pepper over the weekend. It's ruined, of course. Don't ask how.


  1. They looked so adorable!! Sorry about your machine but so glad you have a backup. :). Loving "a walk in the woods", I ordered the whole line. So excited!
    Just to make you feel a little better about your phone, I dropped mine in the toilet two weeks ago! Yuk! Dr pepper sounds way better! :)

  2. Oh, I am so jealous about those samples!!! I love the pennant one. The babysitter story will be funny eventually. Super cool that you've got a musical husband! And all of the Halloween costumes rock.

    I hope your machine gets fixed fast and that you have a new iphone on the way!

  3. Yay for samples! And don't give up hope on your phone. Let it dry out (put it in some dry rice and add some silca gel packets if you have any handy from shoeboxes or medicine bottles) and once it's completely dry it may work again. :) A kiddo once threw my phone in the full-of-water sink.

  4. oh dear, you've had quite a week already! Yay for cool books & fabrics though!

  5. it was a bad week for iphones, apparently :( fabric, though, lOVE!

  6. You crack me up!! Bummer about your machine and phone - that's a lot of mechanical failure for one week.

  7. What a weekend, indeed! Great music...I really like "North Star".;)

  8. Your Halloween costume rocks. I just got my copy of Sewing for Boys too, totally drooling over what to make first, I've got the sewing machine blues too mine is still in the shop, should have been ready today will likely be 2 more weeks... I've heard the rice trick really can help dry out wet phones....

  9. Aww. Poor kiddo! I bet that was scary, but Hendrix will bounce back! And yeah, you nailed it with your Nick costume. Awesome! Congrats to him and Firstpost!!


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