Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hey guess what, you're not that awesome...

...said Jessica to herself.

DGS November block 1

This is the block that reminded me of that fact. So this month, I'm the quilter for my circle of Do. Good  Stitches, which is a charity quilting bee. If you don't know how it works, there are ten of us that make a couple blocks each month and send them to the "quilter" who picked out the block and the colors of the design and will put all of the group's blocks together and finish the quilt. Well, for my first time in this responsibility, I went ahead and chose something that would make everyone hate me right off the bat. Seriously, I bet they were/ are all cursing my name while making these babies. I know I was.

I've only made this, the first of my two, because I was just too exhausted to move on to my second. The seam ripper did get put to use, and as you can see it still has plenty of issues. This is the tutorial for the block. When I first saw it back in September, I thought it was so cool and unique and would be great as an entire quilt of these triangles. I didn't really think about how tricky those angles would be in reality.

Here's the thing. While this one was a little frustrating, I really didn't mind because I knew I was learning thru my mistakes. Even if I'm cursing like Ralphie's dad at his furnace, deep down, I'm still really happy to be sewing and getting better at sewing. So I'm hoping everyone else in my group looks at things the same way. Isn't that one reason quilting bees are good? You wouldn't want to make a whole quilt of really difficult blocks, but you can handle a couple, and then they all still get made into something beautiful. So even if someone picks something you might never have made, you get to try it. Is that how everyone thinks of bees, or would you rather have relatively simple blocks you can crank out every month? I don't know, I'm asking. Either way, I had better make this quilt super awesome in the end so that it was worth it for everyone. Then my name will be praised once again, instead of cursed for the headaches I have sprung upon them :)

greek cross 1

greek cross 2

These are my Greek cross blocks from last month. Denise is an amazing quilter and has already made them into two baby girl quilts that you can see here and here. I'd love to make a whole quilt of this block some day, it's a really fun one.

Lebanon Quilt Shop goodies

I'll leave you with a picture of pretty folded fabrics. Who doesn't love those pictures? I'm in TN at my parents' for Thanksgiving, and yesterday I went to a local quilt shop with my mom. It was just called "Sewing and Vacuum Center" and the outside window was covered in weird paintings of Disney characters. I did not have high hopes. Well, wouldn't you know I found lots of things I couldn't resist. Never judge a quilt shop by it's cover. 


  1. It may be a tricky block, but super awesome! In my first year of bee blocks, I've had a few that had me cussing, some that were super easy, but I do think a blend is desirable. Sometimes, you just want something you can quickly make and feel productive. Other times, a challenge feels good. I bet I'm not alone in that feeling.

    I made some of the Greek Crosses a few months back for dgs. They're fun! I'd like to make some more. And your new fabrics are lovely! I especially love the red diamonds.

  2. I love all of those blocks- good work! PS- didn't know you were from Tennessee, I looooooooooooove Nashville so I'm just gonna assume you're from there. ;)

  3. I think your tricky block has great potential for a fantastic quilt! And love your Greek cross blocks!

  4. Oh, do you live near TN? I'm in SC and try to get out to TN sometimes for sewing things.

    The title of your post totally had me laughing... and I'll admit that the blocks looked challenging to me. Thanks for being real about the process. To answer your question, I like both hard blocks and easy blocks for bees. It's nice to have a mix.


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