Thursday, November 10, 2011

LTTSA: Planning the Puppet Theater

We're a third of the way thru November people! How did that happen? We officially have a pink Christmas tree and garland up in my place of work- yikes. Time to get moving on this super-cute gift for our kids, and I'm really glad we are doing it this month. 

I recently bought a couple of prints from Lizzie House's 1001 Peeps collection on a whim. As soon as I saw them in person I knew I had to use them for this puppet theater. 

Here's a rough little sketch of what I plan to do. I'm not changing it too much, just turning the house into an Arabian tower type thing. Drawing it out really helped me see where I wanted to use my fabrics.

The linen on the bottom here will be the main part of the building. I still need to buy some canvas. The book has a great suggestion to get a drop cloth from the hardware store, but I think I'm going to pick up some duck cloth from Joann's because it comes in a few different colors. That's actually what I used as the base of my table playhouse, so I might even get the same yellow color. The blue tower print will be my roof and door and the purple will be the windows. I'm going to trim the windows in that orange, which is not Lizzie House, but the Moroccan feel is perfect.

I'm using Lizzie's signature pearl bracelet print in a variety of colors for the curtains. That red is actually from Outfoxed- I love how all of her collections work so well together!

Lastly, I have a little of this print on the way. I plan on stuffing the little characters to make a few puppets, either on craft sticks or just finger puppets. (If you like 1001 Peeps, Above All Fabrics has it on sale right now.)

You'll need to get some sort of fusible web for the appliqué if you don't already. I like to use this Heat n Bond light because it comes on a big roll, but there are several good kinds, like Wonder Under or Steam-a-Seam. Just make sure it's fusible on two sides and sewable. Sometimes I like to just use spray adhesive for appliqué, especially when using thicker materials like felt, or really big pieces. It's just quick and easy. Some kind of fabric marker will be good to have for this project too.

The possibilities are endless for how you could adapt this project. You could make it a castle, a circus tent, a train, a pirate ship or Noah's ark, a treehouse... you guys probably have some brilliant ideas. And of course, making it exactly as it is in the book will be very adorable as well. I really love those flower boxes on the windows.

Hey, maybe we should do the giveaway from last month? I loved all your aprons and other projects. And I was encouraged to see that we had even one more entry than last month- we are not losing momentum at all!

Ok, the winner according to is #14, Amanda of Ellieboo! I'll be emailing you soon about your pattern choices from Mama Stellato's shop. If you didn't win, be sure to browse the great patterns at really good prices.

Good news- we have another great sponsor for November! Owly Baby has some of the sweetest young kid patterns like this reversible wrap dress and the sidewalk jacket for winter. You'll soon be seeing my version of the Darling Cardigan pattern. It's pretty darn cool.

So how are you guys doing on the theater? Have you started dreaming? Have you got to the cutting and appliquéing already? Can't wait to hear your ideas. Also, if you know of any great puppet patterns or tutorials, share links here and I'll do a round up of puppet ideas on the next sew-along post. Happy sewing!


  1. Ooooooh! Cute idea on the Arabian theme! I have the cutting done--- I went with an orange stripe for the house and am sticking to a red curtain. I'm working on trying to find some colored twill tape--- my local store doesn't have any--- so maybe I'll try JoAnn's when I get to a bigger town.

    As far as puppets go, I'm going to make a few of the ones in Little Things, but I'm just going to do different shapes for the ears and noses.

    I am so excited for this project--- and am glad this sew along kicked my butt into actually doing it! :)

  2. Just Another Day in Paradise has free patterns and tutorial for making Old MacDonald and some farm animals here. They're very cute! I've made a couple of them. They're small, to fit a child's hand.

    This is Grandma G. For some reason, I can't comment from my Google account on your blog from my PC.

  3. That's adorable! I love your plan to use the Peeps. It will be such a cute castle!

  4. Love the Arabian theme!

    I'm opting out this month in favor of focusing time and energy on altering patterns to be maternity-friendly. My first attempt (the "easy" pattern) has taken me more than twice as long as I expected, and I was hoping to have 3 patterns altered by Thanksgiving. (So I can sew like mad that weekend ^-^).

    I did finish my apron from last month! It was brilliant practice for working with binding.

  5. The Arabian tower is such a neat idea. I'm going to have to bail this month too. I don't think Ava is quite old enough yet for a puppet theater, and I am at a loss as to where I would put it. We're already drowning in toys.

  6. I was so engrossed in your Arabian tower plans that I almost missed the fact that I won the giveaway - woo hoo - thank you so much, what a treat. Cant wait to see how your puppet theatre turns out - I am sticking to the original as my creative brain has gone to sleep and cant think of anything else to do.

  7. I've been toying around with doing an old school, Cinderella-SnowWhite-SleepingBeauty Disney castle. The Munchkins have been rather obsessed with storming-the-castle lately and my couch cushions are taking a beating. Although now I'm just in love with your Arabian Nights castle!

    Attempting to use up some random yardage I've got on hand for this one...maybe appliqueing some fun things on the front (window treatments, pennants, and shrubbery, etc) will help spice it up a bit?

  8. Your puppet theater will be great! I picked up a few fabrics and canvas at JoAnns a week or so ago when everything was on sale, but I haven't sketched it up yet. I must! Mine is going to be a kooky plaid house with some other fun prints as accents.

    I keep debating with myself - are you pre washing everything? I probably should because I'm always needing to wash things here because of spills or worse. :p


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