Monday, September 16, 2013

The Oliver & S Art Museum Set, Dressed Down

This 4 year old is too cool for school. And for smiling. He can throw some faces though. 

I made this little look for him from the brand new Oliver & S Art Museum vest and trousers pattern, which is fantastic! It would obviously be the perfect pattern to buy if you are looking to make a dressy boy outfit for church or a wedding or something, and it's even pretty cute on girls, as some O&S fans have already shown. But we don't really get dressed up too often, so I wanted to find a way to dress it down a little so Hendrix could even wear it to pre-k a lot this fall. 

For the trousers I chose a really nice medium-wash Robert Kaufman denim from Sewn Studio. Even with all the details on these pants, the denim really makes them a fall staple rather than special occasion pants. They have beautiful slant front pockets, back welt pockets, a faux fly, flat front, and even belt loops. (I left off the loops on mine though.) 

And after last fall, when all the fashionable slim fit pants I made him seemed to only last a month or two, I am all for relaxed fit pants. I love the fit on these and so does this very active boy. We're leaving the skinnies to the college kids this fall. I made the pants a size 5, but cut to a 6 length just in case. But after I saw how long they were on him, I cut most of the extra length off anyway. 

The vest is a size 6 and I love the way it fits over a Target tee. Perfectly light and comfy. I used a fabric I got on my trip to Portland to visit Kristin back in June from an adorable shop there called Cool Cottons. I could have done some serious damage there, but I showed great restraint. Still, this print called Menagerie by Sarah Watson for Art Gallery had to make the cut. It's just too good. And I think this fun neutral print makes the vest a little more casual as well.

The lining and back of the vest is just lightweight black batiste, but I added a little green contrast on the back belt and inside the pockets and with the buttons. The welt pockets were so fun to make. But, full disclosure, I did sew the inside of the vest pockets a little wrong. Nothing that effects things too much, just misread a part of the instructions and made some assumptions on my own. After talking to friends who were also making this pattern, I realized my errors. Then when I later started on the pants welt pockets, the instructions seemed clear as day and I didn't even know how I had screwed things up before! But really, they are the best welt pockets I've ever sewn, they look flawless on the outside and the pattern does a great job with that part. Maybe just read that whole part through once or twice before beginning.

I couldn't get a great picture of the pockets on the pants though because he only wanted to stick his booty waaaaaaay out for that part. This kid was acting like he was appearing in a Sir Mix-a-lot video, so I thought it best to spare you those pictures.  I had to tell him to climb the wall like Spiderman instead. A bit awkward, but there comes a time with 4 year old boys when beggars (bloggers) can't be choosers. 

Over it. But we'll just say this is his angsty model pose. The most important thing is that he loves the outfit and didn't want to take it off. Always a great sign! 

If you haven't seen them already, be sure to check out the AMAZING Art Museum garments from Cherie, Gail, and Kristin. It's one of those essential patterns if you have a boy you sew for, and a really cute unique pattern to keep around for girls. 

Thanks again to Liesl for letting us sew up these great patterns! I am really in love with this outfit and Elsie's new Playtime dress as well. 


  1. soo so cool..I really want a boy so I can make him awesome stuff like this. Love the animal face fabric! and the sir mix a lot video comment made me laugh out loud-we get those pics a lot too, and they definitely get cut, hilarious as they are. "show me the pockets" apparently gets one pose out of kids...

  2. love the casual take on the pattern!

  3. Such a great outfit. I'm really loving the vest fabric and can see why you couldn't go home without it. I find those fabrics the most difficult to use, it seems like the perfect garment has to come along before i'll pull them out. This vest looks amazing and I think you chose the right project. <3


  4. i super love your ensemble! good call with the sarah watson. seriously, there's a shortage of woodland-creature-face vests in the world and i'm glad you're doing your part to remedy the situation. you are awesome!!!

  5. I think our boy models must be twins! I'm getting all of those kind of poses too. Either sulky, completely silly, or karate moves. Thank goodness for rapid shutter speeds and digital cameras!
    I'm looking forward to sewing this pattern and love the outfit you've made here.

  6. He is just too dang cute! I mean, he's seriously so adorable. Oh, yeah, I guess the clothes look good too. It's no maxi dress, but still a really nice job. ;)

  7. Jess my girl, This outfit is wonderful, love the pants and vest . The fabric is so Hendrix, and it's a great fit, and of course the model is a cutey who can melt this Nana's heart every time .

  8. Hehehe Hendrix is just too cool. Oh man, woodland creature vest? Awesome. He rocks it. I didn't even realize you made the pants too at first, they look so pro. Nicely done, madame!

  9. This is just perfect, Jessica! I love the pop of color on the vest. So cool- you are too awesome!

  10. BLUE STEEL. Seriously, your kids are so full of it. I don't what it is , but they have it.
    I especially love that vest. That print is a favorite, for sure.

  11. Oh he is so cool! And what a model. I'm so amazed at the amazing photos you get. Kids move a lot, am I right? I hope he loves the animals on his vest! It's exactly the use I imagined!


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