Sunday, November 22, 2009


So I did not get to go to the big indie craft market in Columbus, but turns out we have one here in Cincinnati! I had no idea about it, it's only in it's first year, but the Crafty Supermarket was really fun. Nick just spotted the poster in Starbucks last Monday and said he would go into work a little later on Saturday so we could go. Yeah, he's pretty good.

It was held in the Northside Tavern which was just the perfect location. It was our favorite place to go hear local music and enjoy an adult beverage, pre-HG days of course. There were over 20 vendors there, all so fun and inspiring.

Some of my faves:

Off the Beaten Path , who made this hilarious mustache tote I bought:

Hand Embroidered lovelies from Says You. I did not buy this, but I might have to get it from their shop later:

Kitsch Cafe which has always been on my Etsy faves list. Who wouldn't love to add this to their christmas decor this year?

And lastly, check out this lovely girl's creations. Cutest strange little softies and sculptures ever.

Discovering local art you enjoy is fun. Look up indie craft fairs in your area. It's also fun to go to the "shop local" section of Etsy and see all the great locally made stuff in your city.

Now I'm thinking about going to the Indieana Handicraft Exchange  in a couple weeks to finish up holiday shopping. We'll see if the boys will be up for it...

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  1. Cool blog, glad you are able to get out and do the stuff that makes you smile!!


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