Monday, November 30, 2009

Don't forget to bring an owl!

I made this last week for a precious three year old boy I sit sometimes:

I had altered some window treatments for his room and there was a little of this polka dot fabric leftover. So I decided to do something with it. It's really thick like upholstery fabric, so it's not the cuddliest softie, but owls are nearly always cute. It was inspired by this one.

There are so many other great scarf and sweater re-purposes around right now. Make it and Love it has another one for girly little leggings that I love:

This scarflette  looks really simple to do:

And I plan on using this method  to make a couple winter hats for HG. His hats all have ears on top to make him look like some kind of animal. Which is cute, but sometimes he just wants to be a cute baby person:

And speaking of sweaters, I'm feeling like maybe having a good old-fashioned-ugly-Christmas-sweater party. Besides the awesome seasonal tackiness, I think it will involve graham cracker "gingerbread" houses, old Christmas music records, and hot beverages with an array of flavored Baileys. Just some ideas I'm formulating... you'd want to come that party right?


  1. I need one of those hats.

  2. I love the Holidays and am pumped for our Ugly Christmas Sweater party in 2 weeks! You can find a bunch of really Ugly Christmas Sweaters at...

  3. Wow! You are really crafty! I would love to learn how to use a sewing machine. You might have just inspired me to begin a new hobby. :-)



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