Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome Welcome

I have been stalking the blog world long enough... You would think that I would have started this sooner. When it first became fashionable for everyone to have a blog, I thought it was kind of silly. How could all those people possibly have lives interesting enough to put on the internet for everyone to see?

But now there are so many family and craft blogs that I enjoy obsessively. I guess there is something about having your own kid that makes you want to hear about what everyone else is doing with theirs.

But the main reason for starting this is to document my creativity for my own sake. I began sewing and making things about 2 years ago I guess. Now I've made so many things and given some away, but I'm wishing I had pictures of all of them, or at least written down how I made them, where I got my pattern, etc. So that's what this is for. From now on, everything I make goes on here. And even if I'm the only one who reads it, at least I will have some idea of the path my creations took. But if someone else would enjoy seeing them, that's good too!

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  1. Yeah! Welcome. I am excited to read about your projects and creativity. I agree with you about wanting to hear about other people's projects too. Don't worry, I'll be reading your blog, so that makes two :)


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