Friday, November 6, 2009

I heart pennants.

Pennants are all over the place right now and I am loving them. I can't get enough. Fabric, paper, whatever.  Today I made this one for a Thanksgiving decoration, which I have none of. But this year we are going to my parents' in TN and I told my mom I would do some decs for the big dinner. In the meantime, it's hanging out in the apartment.

It has more green than your traditional fall stuff, but I like it. And it still has enough brown and yellow, right?

I am also using a FREE (!!) set of Thanksgiving printables from Tangarang  which you should go download right now. I bought a baby shower set from their Etsy shop, Paper and Cake  which I used a couple of weeks ago at a friend's shower I threw. It was all beautiful stuff and I got so many compliments!

Here are some fabric pennants I made a while back just because I had so much robot fabric leftover from HG's room. So easy to make and I think they would look adorable in any kid's room.

Here are some more tasty pennants and banners I found around Etsy:

mini map circus decoration by kategreiner
Guirlande de Flottement d'Oiseau by royalbuffet
crocheted vintage garland by dottieangel
Happy Birthday banner PDF by meringuedesigns
vintage hankies wedding bunting by poppylarity

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  1. I'm making one for Christmas, my house needs more decorations!


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