Friday, March 5, 2010


Tonight I got to spend some quality time with my boys at a medieval-themed-goat-happy-spring-beer-guzzling-celebration.

We headed down to the old neighborhood (OTR) for Bockfest 2010.

HG can barely contain his parade excitement.

There was a rolling beer goat pushed by monks...

a goat on a segway...

and a goat who thinks he's a dragon in a Chinese New Year parade?

I love to see Main Street so full of life like this.

We used to live in that middle building with the rounded windows. Top floor. It was pretty much the most amazing apartment ever. And it was above the very cool 1305 Gallery.

Around the corner you can see the new mural. Nick says it's done by the same guy who did Obama's famous campaign poster.

When it's warm we will be bringing him down here much more often.

Sometimes we really miss living here. But only sometimes.  (Nathan, stop your pouting, we don't want to move away from you.)


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