Thursday, March 18, 2010

The only sewing around here...

has been in my skin this week.

I went 27 years of life without getting stitches, until Tuesday. I felt like I was 11 lying there getting my hand stitched up.

I was doing dishes while HG was napping, and as I was washing a wine glass with my hand down inside, it busted and cut right through my middle knuckle. I looked down and saw my bone. Then the blood came and I panicked a little because I knew HG was about to wake up. So I taped some paper towels around my hand and called Nick. He got home pretty fast and thankfully, the boy didn't wake up until he did.

So now I have frankenfinger.

Anyway, I was planning on leaving for TN to visit my parents that afternoon. Thankfully, they didn't take too long at urgent care so I still left on time.

We've done some bouncing.

Discovered mommy's childhood toys.

Terrorized Harley.

And bonded with Nana.

I also wanted to show you how talented his Nana is at making things.

This is the quilt she made for the guest room that used to be mine. Isn't it gorgeous??!?!

She is an amazing quilter. I feel like I have too much sewing ADD to do quilts, but I really do wanna try someday. 

(Side note: I made that picture on the right when I was in first grade. It won an art contest at the mall. It's "The Mona Lisa Shopping." I don't know how exactly, but my drawing skills have steadily diminished since first grade. So I cling to this colored pencil masterpiece as the one good piece of art I have created.)


  1. I love it, it's your masterpiece!

  2. Ah I hope you're healing! I've never had to get stitches or seen my bone but that sounds awful. I'm impressed you still took a road trip after that! Love the drawing too; I feel the same way. I used to enter Halloween drawing contests and steadily won for a couple years when I was like 4 or 5.

  3. dang, that's awesome, esp. for a 1st grader! Sorry about your finger

  4. Love both the wall hangings. One of these days, we will get some up ourselves.

  5. gosh that sounds SO painful I hope it heals up fast!


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