Saturday, March 20, 2010

Technical Difficulties.

I can't find the battery charger for my camera, or the cord to import to my computer. So I can't post pictures of anything I have been working on until I find them. So I guess it's not really "technical difficulties," it's just "Jessica-being-flaky-difficulties."

I am way to distracted to read blogs that don't have pictures, so in order to not become one of those (not that there is anything wrong with those), I will show you what I am attempting to make HG for his birthday...

one.      of.         these:


I actually just got nervous now that I have made a declaration to the interwebworld that I am doing this. Now I have to show you the finished project and I have to have it done by his party on the 9th. You can cyber-shun me if it doesn't happen. I will deserve it.

These are acceptable excuses for you not to shun me if I don't finish:

1. House fire.

2.  Termite invasion.

3. Sudden terminal illness.

4. Evil elves throw acid on my sewing machine.


  1. you are so ambitious! I LOVE it. WHen are you going to do this? Does he nap? Go to bed early? Or, do you just forego sleep altogether? I think it's a great idea! HAVE FUN!

  2. It is really cute Jessica! Best wishes on finishing!

  3. just so everyone is clear, I did not make this one. If you click on the link above the picture, you'll see the original. I'm just attempting to make something similar :)

  4. that's awesome! i will be interested so i can start on mine for isaac NOW and it'll be done by december.

  5. You're the coolest mom ever, Jessica. Even if you don't finish it exactly on time...he won't know the difference! It could always be a "first day of summer" gift or something like that :)

  6. That's SO cool...and your blog cracked me up. I promise not to shun you if you don't finish it, but I'm thinking you probably will get it done. :)


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