Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Gift: Taggie Monsters

The backs are made of soft white minky and they each have an empty wipes bag inside so they crinkle when squeezed. Nick says I should name them so...

This is Douglas. He works at the popular monster theme park, Yensid World, doing roller coaster maintenance.

This is Mr. Ron Foxy. He is a jazz musician in LA.

This is Sookie. He only devours bacon. He does love cupcakes, but not for eating, only for playing soccer with.

This is Fitzgerald. He is from New Zealand. He has an impressive collection of ant farms.


  1. I'm quite sure you could package these and sell them. You could easily make A MILLION DOLLARS.

  2. thanks, that what nick said, pretty much word for word. Meh.

  3. Um these are AWESOME!!!!! You should sell these. You should!

  4. I want one for Silas! how can i buy one?? :)

  5. I'm in awe of these, so expressive, so creative, so much monster fun. How about a craft fair, people would snatch these up. So much cuter than the "inspired by" ones.

  6. these are awesome! I love the way you used parts of patterns on fabric to create the facial features! genius. I am going to put this on my blog soon. I love it!

  7. I LOVE THESE! I really love their names and personal information.


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