Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fourth Attire

I'm usually not into having HG in themed outfits for every holiday, but when I saw this shirt at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar, I really wanted to make something like it. (She does the best stuff to boy's t-shirts!) Anyway, I had a few minutes this afternoon so I attempted it. I didn't look at her pattern, just whipped something up real quick. I also didn't have a solid blue shirt so I used a striped one. I think I would have liked the outcome better if it had been solid, but it's ok. This is more stars and stripes-y I guess.

Her instructions say to use saran-wrap to get the distressed look, but I just used foil and it worked fine. When I got done the star looked funky, so I lightly outlined it with a red fabric marker, which made it look much better. And you can't really tell that it's a different color red. 

I'm still considering going back and just making the star part solid white. Any thoughts? I might just have to wait til it dries and I can put it on him to make any decisions.

Anyway, if you have never tried freezer paper stenciling anything, I highly recommend it. I would link to a tutorial for you, but there are about a zillion, just google it. It's very easy and fun. You can also do it with watered-down bleach in a spray bottle instead of fabric paint. This obviously takes the color out of the stencil. I did a couple shirts for my brothers this way a while back and it was very fun.

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