Thursday, April 21, 2011


Ok, it's not really my giveaway, I just wanted to catch the attention of all you giveaway whores out there :)

The giveaway is here, on the brand new Sewn Studio blog!

It's for fabric designer Jennifer Paganelli's new book "Girl's World," which has 21 projects to sew for girls. It looks pretty durn fun.

All you have to do to enter is follow the new blog and comment. But even if you aren't a local here who gets to have the immense pleasure of shopping at Sewn, you should follow their blog. It's going to have tons of project ideas, round-ups, pretty inspiration, and news from the fabric world. Do it.

In other Sewn news, I just signed up to take a 6-week modern quilting course there, which I'm pretty (extremely) excited about.  I've never had the balls to make a quilt, I figure doing it with a few other crazy sewing enthusiasts will help motivate me. It's taught by the very talented Heather Jones. Just look at these amazing modern designs she has made:

Welp, I'm having a baby tomorrow morning, so I don't know when I'll see you here again. Try not to miss me too much, and when I come back I promise to show you more adorable baby girl pictures than you can stand. 


  1. oh my goodness! good luck! I bet you are sooo excited to NOT be pregnant anymore :)

  2. Good luck, Jessica! And have fun with Heather at the quilt class.

  3. envy knows no little girl isn't due for almost 4 more months---it's an eternity away and I don't know if my neighbors can handle yet another summer with me pregnant and running around like a...well...I won't say like what. I'll just say good luck and I'm jealous.

  4. God bless you and yours,Jessica. Nanny

  5. As I new reader I will be catching up with your archives. LOVE this blog.

  6. I'll be praying for you friend! Good luck!

    ...and you tricked me by the way... I thought I was going to enter a giveaway for something you made! Meany head.


  7. Where are the baby pictures already?


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