Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Help my Friends, Help Yourself

....to this excellent album.

So, if you are not a big music fan, you can tune out this post, but if you are a person who loves to discover new music, then you should definitely check out Damion Suomi & the Minor Prophets. 

I know, I know, everyone has a friend who is in some band, but I promise, these guys are for real. Yes, I tend to love them because I've known a lot of them forever and they played at our wedding reception (mostly same guys, different band.) But I would love their music even if I didn't know them. Or if I knew them to be a bunch of bastards. Good thing they aren't. (p.s. My husband sings background on a couple of the songs on the album.)

The album was just released today and it is already #8 on iTunes singer/songwriter chart. It's inevitable that they will move higher than that, but I'm doing my part by spreading the word here. Plus, I really want them to at least move above that silly Steve Martin bluegrass album. (WTH Steve?)

You can also buy it and listen to samples on Amazon. Which is very cool, it just doesn't help my Steve Martin mission. 

Also, if you really like music, particularly live music, you should catch them on the tour they are currently on-

Actually, first watch how much fun they are live on this video, then see the tour dates here to see if they are coming near you. 

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  1. Dude, WTF, I think I've heard of them! How would a girl from SoCal have heard of them? I'm going to play if for The Beard when he gets home and see if he recognizes them.



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