Tuesday, April 5, 2011

mmmmMexican Pizza

 Just like Taco Bell's, only without the questionable meat fillers. For me, the taste of Taco Bell is very nostalgic. We never ever choose to eat there now, but it was at least a bi-weekly visit in college. And when I was a kid, my parents didn't take us to fast food too often. But when we did, we were no McDonald's family. We were a Taco Bell family. So even though as an adult I am reasonably grossed out by the thought of the ingredients and environment there, something about those flavors is still oh so appealing.

I made this pizza for me and Hendrix over the weekend with just a few things I happen to have on hand. I used a store bought crust, the thin and crispy kind. I slathered that with a layer of canned refried beans. Oh how I love refried beans. I always get the kind with green chiles mixed in. Then I grated sharp cheddar on top and drizzled salsa over that. Now, you can of course use whatever salsa you have. But the key to really capturing that run for the border flavor is using a slightly runny green tomatillo variety. It's very reminiscent of their little hot sauce packets. So good. 

I topped with fresh tomatoes, which I like to add just a couple of minutes before the pizza is done baking. (Follow the baking directions for your crust.) You could also add red or green onions, or even a little leftover taco beef if you had it. 

I was in love with this pizza and was sad when the affair was over. Hendrix was not such a big fan. I'm guessing he's missing that crucial TB nostalgia element. 

Also quite tasty: the dip I made from the leftover refried beans. I didn't want to throw out the half-can I had left, so I mixed that with an equal amount of cream cheese and more of that wonderful green salsa. Warmed up on chips with some fresh tomato and avocado on the side, it was the perfect lunch. 


  1. This is so funny, Greg told me just last night that he wants me to make mexican pizza! I've never heard of it before. The initial thought of it was totally repulsive, but I'm getting more used to the idea now. I'll let you know when we make ours....I'm pretty sure I'll follow your recipe, it looks GooOOooD.


  2. Mmmm...that looks awesome! Have you ever tried the Dewey's taco pizza? It's so good!


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