Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A baby dress

But not for my poor neglected daughter. Remember that time I made her a dress a week before she was born? I'm really glad I had that pregnant motivation because I haven't sewn her a thing since. She just grows out of them too fast! And I'm not saying that in the drippy emotional mother sense, I'm just sayin, she literally grows out of them quicker than I can make them. So, Miss Elsie, you are punished with the wearing of generic onesies for all that healthy growing you are doing. Why do children's clothing brands feel the need to put little sayings on every single item of clothing? It can't just have cute purple flowers on it, it also has to say "daddy's favorite" or "silly-dilly little dumplin puddin-pop face of sugary-sweet bunny-bunny hop land."

Anyway, I made this dress a few weeks ago for one of my bestest friends who is having her first baby this month. It's Rae's Itty Bitty baby dress which is really fun to make. And the fabric I found at Joann (gasp!) on clearance. Definitely the cutest stuff I've found there in a while. Or maybe I just don't go there anymore. I'm a total quilt shop snob now, I won't deny that.  

Speaking of fabric snobbery, I'm doing an echino swap. So.... that's pretty awesome. I will end up with 28 amazing Echino prints in 10" squares. I'm thinking I won't even cut into them, just make a square patchwork quilt. We'll see, but I'm pretty excited to get my hands on them. (If you don't know Echino, here's a lot of the prints.)

FTLOS- a start

And here's a peek at my current quilting obsession project. I really need to learn how to survive on four hours of sleep. Time to get back at it, this one has a looming deadline. 


  1. A baby dress, yes, but a very cool, super fabulous, can't believe I haven't seen that before because it's easy and genius block too. I love it!

    also, hearing you on the baby onesies. Unfortunately, they grow up into little girls who are supposed to wear sassy tees too. Over it.

  2. You're hilarious about the sayings on baby clothes.

    The dress is too cute!

  3. Sweet little dress! And great solids quilt! Very nice!

  4. "silly-dilly little dumplin puddin-pop face of sugary-sweet bunny-bunny hop land." thanks for that.

  5. You are hilarious. So, even though I've been following along on flickr, I just thought to click on your blog. So, here I am. Hello. I am so in love with your Solids project. Maybe it's for me.

  6. Love the dress! So stinkin' cute! Oh, and I totally hear you on the shirts with sayings. So. Not. Cool.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your echino swap goodies!

  7. You can survive on 4 hours of sleep with lots and lots of coffee! ;)

  8. just finding your blog. thanks for the zipper tutorial! i sometimes skip the hand basting step, and that is a NO NO! you are right!!! as to the little words on the onesies. this is something that just eats me alive. i almost can't walk into the carters store due to these sayings. especially on the girl offerings--- "daddy's little princess" is enough to make me swear i will never enter the store again...thanks for justifying these feelings!!! happy sewing-- i have some fitted diapers on my agenda this weekend. :)


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