Sunday, September 18, 2011

PR, Episode 9: V for Vendetta

I'm going to do a bit of an abbreviated Runway post this week, because the looks were all pretty standard mall stuff because they were sewing for real women. (Although, I will say that it was thoroughly entertaining to watch Olivier get his paper-doll panties in a wad over sewing for someone real. "These boobs, to me, they are trouble." It was kind of like watching him trip and fall all over again... I just realized I'm a horrible person.)

Anyway, there is really only one point to make this week. Why do the judges/ producers hate Viktor?

Exhibit A:

For the avant garde challenge, Viktor made this (kind of really fantastic) and wasn't even top three...

 while Josh made this (throw up in my mouth a little) and got wildly praised.

Exhibit B:

Last week, Viktor made this (gasp-worthy)...

But this dress by Anya (cute, but whatever) took the win.

Exhibit C:

This week, Viktor made this (so cute and perfect for her)...

 but Josh made this dress (zzzzz...) and won again.

Oh Viktor, you are so naive. Did you think you would win Project Runway with talent? If only you were beautiful and exotic like Anya, or maybe a huge turd sandwich like Josh.


  1. Turd sandwich indeed! You are so right!

  2. I so agree! I feel like screaming at the television when Viktor doesn't win!

  3. Viktor SO should have won! I really don't understand the judges love of Josh & Anya. I don't get it at all!

  4. I haven't watched any of this season yet, but from those photos, Viktor wins in my mind every time! His stuff is trendy yet unique.


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