Friday, September 9, 2011

PR, Episode 7: A new favorite villain

The past few weeks have been all about hating Bert. Now it's much more fun to hate Joshua. They should just have an arm wrestling match or something for who will be this season's most hated.

So this was, I believe, the third team challenge of the season. They were in two teams of 5 and each team had to put on a fashion show complete with custom printed fabric, a runway video, music and whatever tone and direction they wanted to take. Literally, they could have done anything.


... and this team chose to go with clocks. They approached their fashion show like they were planning a baby's first birthday party. Pick a theme and everything matches the theme in the most literal sense. I realize it is hard to get 5 people in a group to agree on one idea and all be excited about it, but it is also very hard to believe that none of them could come up with something better. Or that none of them at least said, hey, clocks aren't really an idea, they are just objects. Why don't we make it about time? 

I'm not sure exactly whose idea the clock thing was, but at least it was better than Josh's girly village people idea. Even if it wasn't his original idea, he sure did carry it in the wrong direction. Besides the fact that he absolutely ruined any good vibes the group could have had with his big tantrum in the beginning, he followed that with a slew of really bad ideas and he was obviously the non-leader leader of this group. His video ideas were awful, his print was awful, and his whole outfit was awful. He seemed really proud of that cog jacket (top photo) but I don't see anyone really wanting to wear something that fits like puzzle pieces over your boobs. And the pants are wildly unflattering. 

I say all that, but I'm going to have to agree that Becky was the right choice to go home this week. Josh ruined this group's whole show and collection, but that was because he had three girls on his team that thought it was better to keep their perspectives to themselves rather than add fuel to his fire. Even Bert seemed to do his best to stay out of Josh's way (even though it's still a bad attitude if it's under your breath.) My point is, Becky may have interesting things to put out there as a designer, but she's spent most of this competition keeping those things to herself in an effort to please everyone and keep the peace. Her outfit (lower left) was boring. If your team's going down in flames, don't try to please the jerk doing it, just make the one kick-ass outfit that stands out from the rest. Laura and Kimberly also rolled over to Josh, but they at least made decent and interesting outfits with their own perspectives. Although, I kind of hate Kimberly's (middle right), but it's not sad and boring. 

And one more thing about Josh. The show is really good this season about showcasing the villain of the moment's sad story as if it's an excuse for ass-clown behavior. But it isn't. Ever. I'm not saying I don't feel for Josh. I'm sure he has deep and genuine pain about the death of his mother. I won't pretend to know what that's like, but I think it's a good excuse to have bad, sad, and depressed days. It's a good excuse to get a little emotional. But it's never a good excuse to treat other people so poorly. I hope I don't sound insensitive to someone who truly has reasons to be upset. I'm just saying he should probably figure out better ways to deal with it or life will be very difficult for him. Either way, the producers are playing those sad stories like fiddles, aren't they?

This was the winning team. Obviously. I really loved that little bit of editing where they showed the team laughing and smiling together in slow-motion while the other team looked on, so forlorn. That was kind of hilarious. The getting along really helped them and it shows up in their collection. I can't think of much I don't like about these looks. The one thing that I thought was pretty cliche was their footage of people moving in the city. It's been done a gazillion times and it seemed a little obvious for their chaos idea. I think it might have been much cooler if they had carried the ink blot idea into the video and made it moving and kaleidoscpopic (not a word.)

I'm not sure I agree that Anya should have won though. I love her dress (bottom right) and her style obviously shows through all of those prints. But Anthony probably should have gotten more credit for the direction and idea of the collection. And I thought his look was pretty adorable too (middle right.) But Viktor's gown? COME ON. Tell me it wasn't gorgeous and I will fight you. Making a rorschach test look that chic is impressive and downright cool.

It finally became clear to me this week that Anya, Anthony, and Viktor should go to fashion week. It was a little murky until this episode, but I'm calling it now, here in stone, on the interwebs. Do you agree? Who do you think are top three?


  1. Loved Victor, Anya and Anthony. I think they all should have won....if I would have had to pick one though I would have picked Victor. Those three for fashion week? I could live with that.

  2. I am so with you on Joshua. I'm kind of sad because I really wanted to like Bert and root for him, but he just doesn't work or play well with others. You would think these contestants would learn - just by watching group challenges from previous seasons - that the group(s) who don't work well together ALWAYS looooose. I did like the sinning collection, and Anya's dress was fabulous, but I thought the shorts kind of got a short shrift. They might not "fit" so well with the rest of the collection, but I thought they were pretty well done.

  3. Oh I love your rundowns of pr! After Anya won last night the first thing I thought was ummmm I wonder what Jessica has to say about this bc I figured you would agree with me! I totally thought victor should've won, and I also loved Anthonys dress. And they barely even talked about Anyas dress so uh.... Why did she win? It was definitely cute but not at all better than victor's! Weird. You should put that in the judges are crazy pile as well.

  4. Josh is a bully and apparently he thinks he already won the show. I love Anya and Anthony but I'm not sure about the third. As for Anya winning this challenge, I didn't see it coming great dress but Viktors gown was amazing!! But I do think it's cool that Anya doesn't really know how to sew but you could never tell (at least I couldn't lol)

  5. Anya's look was 4th in my book. The only look I liked less than her's was Bryce's (and only because of the top- I thought the shorts were cute). It wasn't a bad dress, I just didn't think it was anything special. I thought Viktor's dress was beautiful, Anthony's outfit very cute, and I really liked Oliver's jacket and pants (but enough already with shoe-booties. Ugh). Any of those should have won over Anya's. I think they just rewarded her for being runner up in so many other challenges- it was just her turn.
    Josh and Bert. sigh. I guess it wouldn't be as entertaining to watch if they didn't cast a few bitches...


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