Friday, February 18, 2011

On the Interwebs

Yeah, I know everyone does linkity-link posts on Fridays, but I want in. Let's face it, Friday is a throw away day blog-wise. So why don't I just recycle some of my interweb findings for you?

Might have to make one of these chalkboard wall calendars from black contact paper. Except, I'm pretty sure we would never be able to keep track of the chalk... and any attempt I make at household organization usually fails... Still a cute idea though.

In another life I would live in NYC and dress like this.

I don't eat nearly enough flank steak. This recipe shall remedy that.

Whether you were really excited about Arcade Fire winning the Grammy, or you had no worldly idea who they were, you WILL find this video funny... or a hipster will kill you. (Some language.)

I'm sure you know it's the time of year to go boy crazy again, but have you heard about Once Upon a Thread? Children's lit + children's clothes= I'm interested.

Project ReStyle
I've been thinking about mobiles lately. Kind of dig this geometric upcycled version.

I really love everything in this new Venice fabric collection.

And finally, if you like a little thoughtful reading, and you have ever wondered why the heck we do all this crafty blogging crap, this article was the best explanation for it I've found. It focuses on the power of online video at first, but it's really about the power of any online community focused on one interest to accelerate creativity and development. Whoa Jessica, Wired Magazine? I just came here for a tasty, fast-melting DIY morsel. Whatever dudes, it's a really good article.


  1. Wait a second, Friday is a throw-away day for blogging? Dangit, I thought that was Saturday! ;)

    This post was full of great links though. I'm bookmarking the flank steak recipe and I've had a good laugh at the hipsters expense.

  2. i'm reading that article! and watching the video!

  3. soooo have I mentioned that I love your blog??? I actually have a friday favorites page (har har) and I have a feature called my favorite blog of the week. Well.... you are mine this week! go check it out girl! :)


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