Friday, February 25, 2011

On the Interwebs

This week in making fun of hipsters: Hipster Ariel and Hipster Bingo. (I feel like it is becoming a little hipster to make fun of hipsters. Still funny.)

Every time I see a barn wedding, I kinda wish I had got married in a barn. I can't help it... no, that's not right, my wedding was perfect. But seriously, where were wedding blogs 5 years ago? I was still on dial-up back then. Not really. 

This is the best idea ever for my future toddler-bed-on-the-ground-in-rented-apartment-situation. Except I'd have to use starched fabric or vinyl instead of paint.

Scrambleds looking a little tired in the morning? 100 ways to cook an egg.

I'm thinking a lot about inspiration for someone's 2nd birthday present. These play rugs are pretty amazing.

If I were on top of things I would throw a classy Oscar party this weekend. Except, I don't really have a lot of friends who like to get dressed up for theme parties. And I don't either when I'm looking to be 45 weeks preggins (actually 32.) And I just remembered the show itself is really boring, I just like the dresses and the movies. And we don't actually have cable...

(But if you care who I think should win, which you probably don't, well, it should be the Social Network. There, I said it. I hate to admit it, but that movie was just really stinking well done and I might have kind of loved it. To be fair, I haven't seen The King's Speech yet, but I have seen the rest. And even though Natalie Portman will win best actress, it should be Jennifer Lawrence. Also, something is wrong if Christian Bale and Hailee Stanfield don't also win. I've spoken my peace, Academy.)

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  1. Hahaha - that Ariel picture is so funny!!!!
    - I am the only person who stil hasn't seen Social Network - I NEED to!!!


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