Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Boredom Buster #5: Water Painting

The other night as I was trying to finish up my potholders, Hendrix wandered into the sewing room and found a paintbrush on the floor. First he tried to brush his teeth with it, then he wouldn't stop talking about painting. Then I remembered this post about a Buddha Board. I had never heard of it, but I've seen similar things that are made of a foamy material that gets dark with just water, then it dries and can be "painted" on over and over again. I thought maybe that would happen with this sheet of orange craft foam I had laying around.... Well, it didn't at all. The water just kind of stayed on the surface. BUT Hendrix still painted on it with water for a good 15-20 minutes! He loved it and even asked to do it again  a couple times the next day. Eventually, we may have to upgrade to a real buddha board type thing, but I was so tickled at how much he loved doing this. 

Of course, he did spill eventually, but not as quickly as I thought. No big deal, you only need a little water in the cup anyway. 

And if you have a chalkboard somewhere in your house, try water painting on that.

We are going to see the 40's this weekend! It's a heat wave.


  1. Hey Jes! I was trying to find your winning potholder and stumbled on this! Too cute! I remember painting with water with Josh and Melinda. Construction paper works great....and cheap! You are so talented!

    Don't have time now to figure out how to post w/o being anonymous... Love ya! Aunt Laura

  2. umm I missed this post (probably b/c I try to limit my blog browsing as I end up wasting WAY TO MUCH TIME!) anyway, love this idea and yeah just recently my daughter painted on her chalkboard an I was like uhhhh... this is just like our buddha board. but cheaper. duh. oh well! haha


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