Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Boppy Cover, slightly wonk.

Olivia inspired me to make my own boppy cover for this Bebe, using this basic tutorial. I used a couple fabrics from the Kumari Garden collection, and some nice teal piping.

I'm a big fan of the piping ever since I made a couple kid cushions. It did make this project take twice as long, but to me it's worth it.  

The only problem I ran into is that when I traced the boppy cushion for my pattern I might have added a little too much wiggle room. It still fits nice and snug in the middle-baby-insertion-zone, but it's just a little wavy and wonky around the outside. I could just take it in a little if not for the piping, but I'm still glad I added it. Tricksy.

Now that I've finished with the infant bedding and accessories, I'm ready to move on to dresses. Lots of precious girly dresses. I've accumulated quite a bookmark folder full of ideas, which I'll have to share with you soon.

...Buuuuut I'm feeling torn at the same time, because it is boy month, and someone in this house is turning 2 very soon, and I want to make him just about every toy that Made by Rae has shared just today. If only I required less sleep while growing this small human.


  1. the middle of my boppy cover is already tearing... I need to fix that. Also, you are making me want to try piping, but it looks challenging.

  2. lady this is BEAUTIFUL!! Posts like this make me realize that I need to up my sewing game. Thanks again for a healthy dose of inspiration :)


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