Monday, February 7, 2011

Potholder Contest- First Entry

Surely you have heard that Prudent Baby is giving a away 2 Brother sewing machines to 2 winners of their potholder contest. It's kind of a big deal, you know, if you like such things as really nice sewing machines.

For some reason, I didn't decide to enter this contest until the week of the deadline, which is Wednesday night. I'm hoping to get 3 different entries in, but this is my first potholder offering-

I made it out of an old burlap Blue Mountain coffee bag we got from a trip to Jamaica probably 7 or 8 years ago. (Being crafty now has made me such a hoarder of these miscellaneous items.) The funny thing is, it was also a potholder back then when we used it to sneak our ganga back into the country. Alright, that's a totally tasteless and unfunny lie, but I laughed at it in my head. Hmm, not even funny enough for an out loud laugh... It is true that Nick encountered an unfriendly and machete-wielding pot farmer on the side of a mountain on that trip, but that is a story for another time.

Nick has kindly offered to let me work on more entries for most of the day tomorrow, so maybe I'll squeeze in even more than 3 entries. I've never ever felt motivated to enter one of these sewing contests, but I'm quite excited about this one. Also, don't worry about this poorly presented iphone picture. Nick has also offered to take beautiful pictures of them to send in to the PB ladies. He's the bestest.

There is still time to enter. Do it. But don't make yours better than mine please.

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